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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Employment and Ministerial Directions

Employment Directions

Employment Directions (EDs) are issued by the Minister administering the State Service Act 2000. EDs relate to the administration of the State Service and employment matters relevant to the State Service Act. The EDs are:

No. Employment Direction (ED) Effective date

Employment in the State Service - advertising, employment categories, employment status-conversions, promotion, secondment, probation (PDF, 2.4MB)

17 March 2016

Employment Direction No.1A of 2021 (PDF, 72kb)

10 June 2020
 2. State Service Principles – provides for the SS principles in application to the Code of Conduct  (PDF, 1.3MB) 4 February 2013
4. Procedure for the Suspension of State Service Employees with or without Pay  (PDF, 707KB) 4 February 2013
5. Procedures for the Investigation and Determination of whether an employee has breached the Code of Conduct  (PDF, 1MB) 4 February 2013
6. Procedures for the Investigation and Determination of whether an employee is able to efficiently and effectively perform their duties  (PDF, 1MB) 4 February 2013
7. Pre-Employment Checks  (PDF, 1MB) 4 February 2013
9. Change of Employment Status of a Teacher from A Fixed-Term to a Permanent Employee (PDF, 703KB) 19 September 2013
10. Employment Direction No. 10 – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Identified and Tagged Positions  (PDF, 1.3MB) June 2016
11. Statements of Duties (PDF, 387KB) 4 February 2013
12. Internet and Email Use by State Service Officers and Employees  (PDF, 997KB) 4 February 2013
13. Pay Advice Details  (PDF, 214KB) 4 February 2013
14. Teaching Service (Tasmanian Public Sector) Award 2000-leave, salaries, scholarships  (PDF, 200KB) 4 February 2013
15. Leave and related arrangements for emergency service volunteers - TasFire, Ambulance, SES  (PDF, 241KB) 4 February 2013

Indemnity and Legal Assistance (PDF,107KB)

12 July 2021

12 July 2021

Senior Executive Service and Equivalent Specialist Officers Administrative Arrangements and Conditions of Service (PDF, 1.3MB) Attachment 1B updated July 2021

1 July 2015

Employment Direction No.17A of 2021 (PDF, 53kb)

10 June 2020
18. Administrative Arrangements for Allocation of Duties to Positions at General Stream Bands 9 and 10 and Professional Stream Band 6 Classifications  (PDF, 471KB) 4 February 2013
 20. Application of Market Allowance  (PDF, 250KB) 4 February 2013

Workplace Health and Wellbeing (PDF, 255KB)

Guidelines are available to assist agencies in developing workplace health and wellbeing programs:

4 February 2013

Managing Performance in the State Service (PDF, 982KB)

Guidelines are available to assist agencies in in implementing ED 26:

4 February 2013

Workforce Health and Safety (PDF, 487KB)

Guidelines are available to assist agencies in implementing ED 27:

4 February 2013
 28. Family Violence – Workplace Arrangements and Requirements  (PDF, 428KB) 4 February 2013
29. Managing Employees absent from the workplace  (PDF, 214KB) 11 February 2014

Ministerial Directions

EDs replaced Commissioner's Directions and a number of Ministerial Directions (MDs) from 4 February 2013, following changes to the Act in 2012. A number of MDs currently remain in place and will be progressively transferred into awards or agreements or reissued as EDs.

No. Ministerial Direction (MD)Released
1. Administration-administrative procedures, entitlements, transport, certain employees 18 February 2002
2. Work arrangements and leave - Leave provisions, personal/carers leave, State Service holidays August 2002
5. Tasmanian Fire Fighting Industry Employees Award 1995 - part-time employment 1 March 2001
6. Nurses (Tasmanian Public Sector) Award 1992 – part-time employment, salary calculations, jury service, leave 31 October 2002
7. Transport - calculation of salary, increments, leave, transport 1 May 2001
21. Travel and Relocation Assistance with respect to Appointment, Promotion or Assignment of Duties for Officers and Employees 20 January 2010