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Department of Premier and Cabinet

State Service Workforce Reporting

This report provides information about the Tasmanian State Service Workforce and is published twice yearly.

Paid headcount (PHC) is the number of employees and Officers (excluding casuals) engaged and paid as at the reporting date, including employees on paid leave. It excludes employees on Leave Without Pay or on secondment. For example, an employee who works two part-time jobs will be counted as two employees.

Paid full-time equivalent (FTE) is the full-time equivalent value of employees and Officers (excluding casuals) who are engaged and paid as at the reporting date. For example, two employees working part-time at a value of 0.5 FTE will equal 1.0 FTE.

“Senior Exec”, "Officer" or "Part 6" refers to any Head of Agency, Prescribed Office Holder, member of the Senior Executive Service, or Equivalent Specialist appointed under Part 6 of the State Service Act 2000.

From June 2018, the State Service's Empower Human Resources Information System supports the recording of a third gender option (Other). To protect the privacy of the low number of employees who do not identify as male or female, data in this report relating to these employees has been included only in totals for PHC and FTE, and has not been extracted to identify their agency, age group, employment status, or category.

Data Notes

The data included in this report reflects information collected through the Workforce Information Reporting System (WiRS). WiRS data only includes FTEs employed under the State Service Act 2000, and excludes those FTEs employed under other Acts (such as sworn police officers under the Police Service Act 2003). Paid FTE reporting for other reporting purposes is often calculated based on all General Government Sector agencies and entities and also includes other differences in methodology such as the treatment of casual employees and the inclusion of an allowance for seasonal fluctuations. As a result, reported figures under the different methodologies will vary.

Data is uploaded to WiRS on a quarterly basis and manually reviewed as part of an ongoing quality assurance process. This process may include the correction of coding errors that affect historical paid headcount or full-time equivalent data. As a result of these corrections, there may be inconsistencies in historic data shown in this Report when compared to previously published Reports.






State Service WRIPs and TNVRs

This report provides information about the Tasmanian State Service Workforce Renewal Incentive Program (WRIP) and Targeted Negotiated Voluntary Redundancy (TNVR) payments.

The report below is over the 2014 – 2015 Financial Year and 2015 – 2016 Financial Year to 31 March 2016.