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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Managing Positions in the State Service (MPSS 2016)

April 2016

This package has been revised following an evaluation of the original Managing Positions in the State Service (MPSS 2016) and is effective from 11 April 2016.

The original MPSS was released in September 2014 to assist Heads of Agencies to meet the Government’s commitment to reduce employment costs as well as to have a more productive and effective Tasmanian State Service through reducing employee related expenses.

The tools provided for within MPSS (vacancy control, redeployment, Targeted and Negotiated Voluntary Redundancies, and Workplace Renewal Incentive Programs) have been successful in negotiating exits and re-profiling the State Service.

The revised MPSS (April 2016) takes into account the findings of an evaluation into MPSS and simplifies, removes ambiguities and streamlines the original processes.

Agencies are required to still manage vacancies both through their own internal establishment management and State Service Vacancy Control processes.

It is imperative that Heads of Agencies continue to fulfil their legislative responsibility to ensure that their agency is operated as effectively, efficiently and economically as is practicable, and to use the mechanisms under MPSS to assist them fulfil this responsibility.

Greg Johannes
Head of the State Service


Managing Positions in the State Service

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