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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Senior Executive Leadership Capability Framework


The Tasmanian State Service Senior Executive Leadership Capability Framework is the result of extensive research and collaboration with all Heads of Agency. It provides guidance to agencies and individuals on capabilities required for leadership development. The capabilities of Senior Officers are critical to effective leadership of the public service. The framework embodies the knowledge, skills and abilities people need to address complex policy and service delivery matters that confront the modern day public sector. It is essential that the leadership skills of our managers and supervisors throughout the Service are of the highest quality and standard.

The adoption of the Framework is strongly recommended. I am confident that agencies and individuals will see the benefit of many potential applications and uses in recruitment and selection; leadership development; performance management; and planning and evaluation.

Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet
Head of the State Service

About the Framework

The Senior Executive Leadership Capability Framework (the Framework) defines the capabilities, or knowledge, skills and abilities, required for Senior Executive and equivalents to be effective leaders within their agency and the broader Tasmanian State Service.

The Framework was developed to provide a consistent and common language for all Senior Executives and equivalents across the State Service, to understand what is required of them in their roles, regardless of where they work in an organisation. It describes the capabilities and behaviours which are common across all Senior Executive positions in the State Service.

The Leadership Capability Framework structure

The five broad leadership capabilities of the Framework are:

  1. Shapes Strategic Thinking
  2. Achieves Results
  3. Cultivates productive working relationships
  4. Exemplifies personal drive and integrity
  5. Communicates with influence

Implementing the Senior Executive Leadership Capability Framework

The Framework is used as a key input for a number of State Service wide initiatives, including: rotation and mobility of Senior Executives; as the basis for performance management and development of executives; and aligning and developing our leaders' capabilities.

The success of the Framework relies on agency ownership and the degree to which capabilities are integrated and embedded across workforce planning and development practices.

Use of the Framework is strongly encouraged by the Head of the State Service and Heads of Agencies. Agencies and authorities are expected to embed the Framework into their workforce planning practices.

Resources and tools

A package of information to facilitate the implementation of the Framework has been developed to assist agencies/authorities to implement the Framework. The package includes: