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Awards and Agreements

This page provides information about existing State Service wages and conditions under the Public Sector Union Wages Agreement in 2013. For information about the current round of negotiations for PSUWA 2016, please go to PSUWA 2016 – Update page.

Tasmanian State Service and Health and Human Services Awards and Agreement

The following is a summary of the package which comprises the changes made to the Tasmanian State Service Award and the Health and Human Service (Tasmanian State Service) Award through the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2013 (PSUWA 2013).

This Agreement provides for salary increases of 2% per annum, with an additional 0.5% available at the top of a classification Band in 2015 and 1% in 2016.  This outcome is consistent with the Wages Policy and provides for:

  1. salary progression within Bands linked to satisfying the requirements of Performance Management Plans, including the additional increase at the maximum salary progression point of each Band;
  2. introduction of a Trainee level in Award – with the opportunity to redesign jobs and employ trainees;
  3. introduction of an accumulated personal leave system for new starters (to replace the triennium system) and the option for employees to transfer out of the triennium system;
  4. active participation and commitment to work health and safety improvements; and
  5. a joint approach to Positive Workplace projects (addressing bullying and harassment).

The PSUWA 2013 was ratified by the Tasmanian Industrial Commission with effect from 3 December 2013.  A significant number of amendments were made to the various Awards governing state service employment.   These amendments reflect the strengthened focus on cultural change in the workforce, modernisation of awards and consistency in the use of industrial language.


An award is a legal document setting out salaries and conditions of employment that apply to employees in a particular industry or occupation. The Tasmanian Industrial Commission must approve the award.

Please note: Agreements contain additional information which may override certain clauses contained within particular awards. Therefore some awards must be read in conjunction with applicable agreements.  

Further information regarding public sector awards is available on the Tasmanian Industrial Commission website, under 'Awards - Public Sector'.


Further information regarding public sector agreements is available on the Tasmanian Industrial Commission website, under 'Agreements - Public Sector'.

Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2013

The Public Sector Union Wages Agreement 2013 (PDF) is the basis for two Employment Procedures regarding the following:

Salary progression and advanced assessment guidelines

The Tasmanian Government has produced guidelines which provide the framework within which Agencies will establish practices and processes for progression, and advancement to give effect to Award provisions.