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Awards and Agreements


An award is a legal document setting out salaries and conditions of employment that apply to employees in a particular industry or occupation. The Tasmanian Industrial Commission must approve all Awards registered with them for employees of the Tasmanian State Service.

Please note: Agreements contain additional information which may override certain clauses contained within particular awards. Therefore some awards must be read in conjunction with applicable agreements.

Further information regarding public sector awards is available on the Tasmanian Industrial Commission website, under 'Awards - Public Sector'.


Further information regarding public sector agreements is available on the Tasmanian Industrial Commission website, under 'Agreements - Public Sector'.


All Agreement negotiations in the Tasmanian State Service (TSS) take place between the Minister Administering the State Service Act (MASSA) and the relevant unions party to the particular Agreement.

All Agreements are made with unions and are registered in the Tasmanian Industrial Commission in accordance with s55 Industrial Relations Act 1984 (Tas).

PSUWA background

The Public Sector Union Wages Agreement (PSUWA) 2016 was registered on 22 December 2016 and remained in force until 30 June 2018. The last date of salary increases for employees covered by the PSUWA was first full pay period on or after 1 December 2017.

Conditions set out in PSUWA 2016 remain in force and applicable to the workforce until a new agreement is registered or until one or more parties withdraw from the Agreement.

Negotiations for a new PSUWA started on 5 July 2018. The Union parties to the PSUWA are:

  • Community and Public Sector Union (State Public Services Federation Tasmania) Inc. (CPSU);
  • Health Services Union of Australia, Tasmania No.1 Branch (HSU);
  • Australian Education Union, Tasmanian Branch (AEU);
  • United Voice, Tasmanian Branch (UV);
  • Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia (APESMA).
  • Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Tasmania (ANMF).

Bargaining Parameters

All State Service Industrial Agreement negotiations are guided by the Government’s Wages Policy 2018-2020, which covers all award-covered employees, non-award covered officers and Police Officers, and takes into account salary, allowances, and other conditions related to employment.

The bargaining process for negotiations

The employer and union representatives meet on a regular basis to consider the claims and proposals and negotiate within the principles of good faith bargaining.

Usually at the first meeting the schedule of meetings is established, the process and parameters for the meetings is determined.

The meetings continue until agreement is reached.

An Agreement will then be drafted and effective once registered in the Tasmanian Industrial Commission.

How will I be kept informed of what happens during the bargaining process?

Employees will be kept informed through Bulletins and information sheets that are issued by the Director, State Service Management Office, as required, and available on this website. Employees will also receive information directly from their Head of Agency and/or HR area.  Those employees who are members of the unions involved in the bargaining may also receive information from their unions.

Tasmanian State Service Agreements

All Agreements have a nominal expiry date and a period for which the parties to commence a new round of bargaining for a new Agreement.

The majority of Agreements in the TSS have passed their nominal expiry date and negotiations for a new Agreement are about to or have commenced for the following:

  • Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement
  • Nurses and Midwives (Tasmanian State Service) Agreement
  • Ambulance Tasmania Agreement
  • Allied Health Professionals Public Sector Union Wages Agreement
  • TasTAFE Teaching Staff Industrial Agreement
  • Tasmanian Fire Fighting Industry Employees’ Industrial Agreement
  • Teaching Service Agreement
  • Rural Medical Practitioners (Tasmanian State Service) Agreement
  • Radiation Therapists Agreement
  • Ministerial Drivers Industrial Agreement
  • Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority Staff Agreement
  • AWU Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement
  • Dental Officers Agreement
  • Legal Practitioners Agreement
  • Education Facility Attendant Salaries and Conditions of Employment Industrial Agreement
  • Tasmanian Visiting Medical Practitioners (Public Sector) Agreement
  • Correctional Officers Agreement
  • Department of State Growth Engineers Industrial Agreement.