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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Managing Diversity in Employment

Diversity Policy and Programs

Fixed-term and casual employment registers allow Agencies to appoint people to fill short-term vacancies of up to 12 months, or casual vacancies without having to advertise them in the State Service Notices Gazette. A fixed-term and casual employment register is not a vacancy and inclusion on a register does not guarantee any offer of employment will be made.

A number of practices and activities are already in place or underway to support diversity and inclusion. As well as the three Action Areas, diversity and inclusion will be included in TSS workforce management activities as part of ‘business as usual’. There will also be a strong focus on connecting TSS diversity and inclusion work to other related Tasmanian Government priorities.


The following links also have useful information regarding diversity and inclusion:

Employee Survey

SSMO coordinates the Employee Survey (the Survey) across all TSS agencies. The Survey asks all TSS employees and officers about their work and work environment. The details and the results of past surveys have been published online.