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Right Job, Right Person!

Page Last Updated: 7 January 2020 (Content 2010) JM

Right Job, Right Person! is a contemporary and innovative Tasmanian State Service recruitment and selection framework developed to equip recruiting managers with the resources to get the right people, in the right job at the right time!

In order to select the right person in accordance with merit, and bust a variety of the recruitment and selection myths that have developed over a period of time, an assortment of tools, resources and information are provided here for your convenience. These tools include a three stage project management framework (as presented below), Recruitment and Selection Myths Busted advice, a project planner, capability cards, behaviourally-based questions, a downloadable kit, information sheets, templates and quick links.

When considering a vacancy, ensure you manage the process in accordance with your Agency internal position management processes, State Service requirements and the principles of effective recruitment and selection as outlined in Right Job Right Person!

The framework

To start using Right Job, Right Person! choose from the three recruitment stages below.

The Tasmanian State Service would like to acknowledge the Australian Public Service Commission for their cooperation and support and for allowing us to adopt their "Get it Right" Framework as a basis for Right Job, Right Person! Recruitment and Selection Framework.

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