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Managing performance

Page Last Updated: 20 January 2020 JM

Performance management systems provide a framework for regular, constructive discussions that create a link between the performance and development of employees and officers and the agency’s business requirements

Performance management: why it matters

Effective performance management is fundamental to employee and agency productivity and performance, and delivering the level of service to the Tasmanian community expected by the Government of the day. An effective performance management system is one that integrates organisational, business and individual planning and performance. It enables employees to understand the goals of the organisation and to see how individual employee and team outputs contribute to the achievement of organisational objectives and the government of the day’s priorities.

Performance management helps employees understand the level of performance required, strong areas of their performance and how it can be further improved. It also highlights the learning and development required to improve capability and productivity and provides a basis for career development.

It does this by articulating the standard of work and values and behaviours required to meet job requirements, and communicate and work effectively with others.

For agencies, an effective performance management system improves their organisational capability and productivity with a view to meeting their organisational objectives.

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