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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Learning and development in the Tasmanian State Service

Page Last Updated: 8 January 2020 JM

The State Service Management Office (SSMO) is committed to building the capability and capacity of the State Service by identifying, coordinating and delivering high quality training, education and professional learning and development programs for employees at all levels:

  • Core and foundation
  • Management development
  • Leadership development

Several of these programs are delivered by, or in partnership with, agencies, universities and other organisations - with the Tasmanian Training Consortium (TTC) being a key strategic partner.

Core and foundation

Management development

Leadership development

Leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours are developed through experiences (on-the-job), learning through relationships (mentoring and coaching conversations) and structured learning opportunities (education; training courses). There are numerous development initiatives and opportunities available to State Service employees, indulging a range of Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) programs:

The Senior Executive Leadership Capability Framework is helpful in identifying the key skills, knowledge and behaviours you will need to develop. For advice about specific leadership development opportunities available to you in your organisation, speak to your manager and Human Resource Division or contact SSMO's Learning and Education Unit on 6232 7140.

External scholarship opportunities

Numerous highly-regarded scholarships are offered by other organisations (external to the Tasmanian State Service) on a regular basis that may benefit State Service employees. Some ideas are listed below:

  • Fulbright Professional Scholarship
    Does the thought of studying and researching in the US appeal? Fulbright Professional Scholarships are available to Australian citizens, in junior to mid-career positions, poised for advancement to a senior role from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. For more information: Fulbright Scholarship information
  • Churchill Fellowship
    The aim of the Churchill Fellowship Trust is to provide an opportunity for Australians to travel overseas to conduct research in their chosen field that is not readily available in Australia. For more information:

Please note that these are not sponsored by SSMO. Enquiries and applications should be directed to the organisation concerned.