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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Management & Leadership Programs

Management and Leadership Initiatives

The State Service Management Office has a number of management and leadership initiatives underway.

Manager development

A Whole-of-Service cross agency working group has designed and developed a Whole-of-Service Manager Essentials Program. The program commenced with a Pilot Program in May 2017.

For more information, please contact Viv Burgess, Senior Consultant on 6232 7140 or email

Leadership development

Leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours are developed through experiences (on-the-job), learning through relationships (mentoring and coaching conversations) and structured learning opportunities (Education; training courses).

There are numerous development initiatives and opportunities available to State Service employees. For advice about specific leadership development opportunities available to you in your organisation, you should speak to your manager and your Human Resource Division or contact the State Service Management Office, Learning and Education Unit on 6232 7140.

The Senior Executive Leadership Capability Framework is helpful in identifying the key skills, knowledge and behaviours you will need to develop.