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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Executive Fellows Program

Nominations will be open soon

Want the opportunity to formally develop your skills as a senior leader in the Public Service? ANZSOG's Executive Fellows Program could be what you are looking for?

The Executive Fellows Program (EFP) is a three-week residential program tailored for senior executives, building on the core relationship and management skills needed in the public sector. The EFP brings together some of the world's leading public management presenters and public sector practitioners to discuss and focus on real-life issues and challenges faced by senior public sector executives in State, Commonwealth and New Zealand governments.

The nomination process is coordinated by the State Service Management Office (SSMO).

Target Group: Senior executives (SES 3 and 4) or Equivalent Specialists.

Availability: 1 place (annually)

Cost: $30,000.

Dates and location:

Week 1 - Wellington (4 - 8 November 2019)

Week 2 - Canberra (11 - 15 November 2019)

Week 3 - Singapore (18 -22 November 2019)

Nomination closing date: Friday 28 June 2019

Nomination process

If you are interested in expressing an interest in this program, please seek your head of agency's endorsement, and have your head of agency forward your name and contact details to by 28 June 2019. SSMO will coordinate the selection process and contact you shortly.

To learn more please telephone SSMO on 6232 7140 or visit the ANZSOG website.

Previous participants


Ms Jacqui Allen, Deputy Secretary, Cultural and Tourism Industry Development, Department of State Growth

Ms Allen currently leads the division of the newly-formed Department of State Growth advancing the State’s Cultural Development agenda comprising Arts Tasmania, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Screen Tasmania; and Visitor Economy Strategy comprising Events Tasmania, Tourism Supply-Side Support. (100 FTE with a budget of $40m).

Mr Neil Kirby, Chief Executive, Ambulance Tasmania

To experience the Executive Fellows Program was a very unique and rewarding experience. To be gathered with around 60 executives from across Australian and New Zealand government agencies and a NGO, for an intense three week program, put one into a cauldron of leadership experience and knowledge.  It provided a platform to explore how best achieve the outcomes we aim for.  Not only was it exposure to the learnings from the academic learnings of the program, but the dynamic “live” learning from professional colleagues who would not normally be pulled together.  Probably the greatest legacy is the ongoing interaction of the group as an ongoing support network.  I am sure everyone walked away enriched in many ways.

Ms Ginna Webster
, Deputy Secretary, Children, Department of Health and Human Services.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to complete the EFP program which was a great experience. I am particularly passionate about leadership within the public sector and I had the opportunity to work with, and learn from some very experienced, knowledgeable and generous colleagues from all States and Territories, New Zealand and overseas.  The week long experience in Singapore was a highlight of the program and I enjoyed hearing from national and international leaders who were very accessible and available to course participants.

Fiona Wilson

Ms Deidre Wilson
, Director AgriGrowth Tasmania; Director Policy, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Ms Wilson currently has a dual role as Director of Policy and AgriGrowth Tasmania and is responsible for whole-of-agency policy development and agricultural policy and industry development.

Fiona Wilson

Fiona Wilson
, Deputy Secretary, Strategy, Enterprise and Regions Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts

The EFP was an excellent opportunity for me to step away from my current work environment and take a focussed, strategic look at leadership in the public sector. The mix of interactive lectures, case studies, guest speakers and group challenges was a great way of taking a very full look at leadership from all angles – at theory and current best practice, at challenges in difficult operating environments, at leadership done well and leadership done poorly. The participants on the program came from right across Australia, New Zealand and some from India and Greece and this meant a really interesting and diverse course group. This really was a unique opportunity to focus thinking on leadership, away from my organisation, geographical area and professional subject area and I will continue to refer to the materials and contacts I have made through the course into the future. I would highly recommend this program to anyone in a leadership role in the public sector.

Katherine Hough

Katherine Hough
, Director Arts Tasmania, Culture, Recreation and Sport
Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts

The sessions on public value were excellent and have informed Arts Tasmania's work in developing new arts investment models. Mark Moore's 'Strategic Triangle' is an extremely useful tool. The methodology around adaptive leadership and wicked problems used by Paul Porteous and Keith Grint has also proved useful. Exchange of ideas with peers was very useful in benchmarking our work and my leadership capacity. The live case study was an interesting challenge. Ken Henry's presentation on Australia in the Asian Century was informative, engaging and fascinating. The methodology on working through our individual leadership challenges was also interesting and I have used an adapted version with my team. Being awarded the best karaoke award was a definite highlight!

Wes Ford

Wes Ford
, General Manager (Water and Marine Resources)
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

The EFP provided me with the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of leadership and organisational challenges in the public sector.  I was able to learn about a variety of solutions to common challenges from both the presenters and my colleagues. The program provided the opportunity to question and challenge a range of policy positions adopted by various governments.  The program highlighted to me the need to understand public value in the policy context and the importance it can have in the success or otherwise of program delivery. The program provided an excellent learning and sharing experience through the small group work on workplace challenges.  This approach added immensely to the networking experience provided by the program. One of the highlights was the immersion in a real case study, which focused on the homelessness.  This provided the opportunity to explore the learnings from the program and presenters in a real context.

Jonathon Root

Jonathon Root
, Executive Director, Revenue, Gaming & Licensing Division
Department of Treasury and Finance

The EFP was an outstanding course, well-structured and with a very high calibre of presenter. The course materials included an extensive collection of in-depth case studies and very useful frameworks for decision making. The opportunity to work with high-calibre colleagues from other jurisdictions and overseas on a range of real intractable policy problems was a particular highlight and the fact that the program was run as a residential allowed participants to focus wholly on the tasks at hand. The strong online presence of ANZSOG means that it is easy to keep up with the latest thinking in the areas covered by the program and keep in touch with fellow alumni.

John Whittington

John Whittington
, Deputy Secretary for Resources and Information
Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

The three week residential EFP program was a tremendous experience. Program highlights included meeting and working with public sector colleagues from all Australian jurisdictions and from other countries including Canada, India and New Zealand; access to national and international leaders in public policy thinking, teaching and practice; and excellent learning facilities; and highly relevant course content.