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Department of Premier and Cabinet

ANZSOG Annual Conference

Scholarship recipients

Amanda Russell, General Manager Corporate Services
Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources

Michael Mulley, Commercial Manager, TMD
Department of Premier and Cabinet


Michael Mulley

The conference provided me with the opportunity to learn from experienced public sector leaders, professionals and academics regarding strategies, lessons and successes they have had and been involved with in the delivery of public sector services in constrained resource contexts. Whilst I was able to take a number of lessons and experience from the conference I would say the most poignant lessons and discussions for me concerned those of service delivery in fiscally challenging times. I found the workshops based on strategies to engage the real "do-ers" in experimentation and innovation and empowering front-line providers and local deliverers in making service delivery improvements the most beneficial. This was the first ANZSOG conference I have had the opportunity to attend and would commend the conference to anyone interested in attending.

Michael Mulley, Commerical Manager, TMD

Department of Premier and Cabinet 

* Nominations now closed *

The nomination process is coordinated by the State Service Management Office.

Target Group:

People who have recently entered the Senior Executive Service or equivalent specialist.
Band 8 or 9 or equivalent specialists applications are also invited.

Availability: 2 scholarship places

Key dates: Application close – date tbc

To learn more please telephone SSMO on 6232 7140 or visit the ANZSOG website.

Application Process – ANZSOG 2014 Conference

  • To apply, you need to complete the State Service Management Office (SSMO) application form word_icon (Word, 1MB) [or view the PDF form PDF icon] and submit by the closing date - (Note - An Application form will be available soon). 
  • Applications will be assessed by an Evaluation Team.
  • The Evaluation Team will recommend a nominee for Scholarship to the Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet for agreement/approval.

To learn more please telephone SSMO on 6232 7140 or visit the ANZSOG Website.