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Building Resilience

Below is information and some resources to help you understand - resilience.

Definition: resilience

Resilience is described as "the capacity to cope with change and challenge and bounce back during difficult times."

When managing change, have you ever observed that the same thing can happen to different employees, yet the effect on each employee is dramatically different? Have you ever wondered why it is that one employee will collapse under the set back, and the other employee will get knocked back for a while and then seem to thrive?

Having resilience is the ability to interpret the setback as short-term, isolated and not permanent. This means that a resilient person believes they can move on by applying any learning found in the situation without being trapped into inaction. Being resilient enough to deal with these situations will make the difference in how quickly employees can get back on their feet again.


As a Change Manager you can help build resilience in employees. The following resources may assist and support yourself and your employees to examine ways to increase everyone's resilience, helping employees to bounce back from adversity faster and more effectively.

Resilience Workbook: Signature Strengths book cover Resilience Workbook: Building Bridges book cover Resilience Workbook: Self Matters book cover Resilience Workbook: Resilience Coaches Information book cover Resilience Workbook: Resilience Leaders Information book cover

For - ALL:

'Bird in a Tree' A3 poster (PDF, 245KB) - for your workplace noticeboard

Diagram - Bird in the Tree  

1st Workbook: Signature Strengths (PDF, 901KB)

These are a person's own, individual way of thinking, feeling and behaving, that helps them accomplish their goal. These 'natural' talents and abilities help guide our choice of education, career and employer.

2nd Workbook: Building Bridges (PDF, 953KB)

In the first instance, it is about our sense of connectedness to family and friends, professional networks and community.

3rd Workbook: Self Matters (PDF, 1209KB)

We all know that self matters – to ourselves, to other people. Sometimes it is harder to know just how we can take the best care of ourselves and others.


  (Resilience Coaching)  

Resilience Coaches Information Booklet (PDF, 746KB)

YouTube Videoconference

Coaching Contract (PDF, 1226KB) and Action Plan (DOC, 29KB)


  (Resilience Leadership)

Resilience Leaders Information Booklet (PDF, 697KB)

Presentation - Developing Resilience Handout (PPT, 675KB)

YouTube Videoconference

DHHS Register of Coaches (PDF, 121KB)       


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The above resources have been developed by the Department of Health and Human Resources, Leadership and Management Development Unit, Tasmania. They provide a range of practical strategies for resilience leadership. The nomenclature is therefore DHHS specific. They are reproduced here with permission. If you would like information about the development of these resources, please contact (03) 6166 1336.