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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Our Workforce

Our Workforce – at a glance 30 June 2015

Workforce - our people

""We have a diverse workforce of 27 529 people. This compares to 28 310 last year so our workforce has reduced by 781. Or in paid FTE terms, our workforce decreased by 744.21 this year to 21 736.*

Where do they work?

Pie Chart showing the workflow by agency and authorityThe Department of Education is our largest agency with over 10,000 employees. Our smallest organisation is the Macquarie Point Development Corporation authority with 9 employees.

Age and Gender

""29.75 per cent are men ""70.25 per cent are women

*Note: This Workforce Overview presents information collected through the Workplace Analysis and Collection Application (WACA) system. Treasury reported data on Paid FTEs is collected using different capture rules and requirements, such as rules for calculating casuals.

The average age of the workforce is 45.82 years (45.48 in 2014)
Chart showing the average age of the workforce is 42.82 years (45.48 in 2014)

Employment Status

""Workforce Composition
14.66 % - Fixed-term
0.66 % - Senior Executive Service/Equivalent Specialists
84.68 % - Permanent

Employment Category
13 705 people work part-time – 85.06% of the part-time workforce are women and 14.94% are men.
Part-time employment represents 49.78% of the workforce (48.54% - 2014).
14 224 people work full-time (represents 51.67% of the workforce)

Work Location

Pie Chart showing the State Service workforce by geographical location