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Department of Premier and Cabinet

TSS Annual Report 2014-15

The Tasmanian State Service Annual Report 2014-15



Letter of Transmission

Foreword by the Head of the State Service

State Service Overview

Our Workforce


Chapter 1 - Building a Responsive, Productive and Effective State Service
Provides information about reform and productivity measures.

Chapter 2 - Workplace Health Safety and Wellbeing
Provides information about activities that work to ensure a safe and healthy work environment across the Service. Provides information about:

  • activities 2014 – 2015; and
  • progress and next steps.

Chapter 3 - Improving Performance Management Systems & Practices.
Provides information about the key activities for the reporting period; and improving reporting and recording of training and development activities and needs.

Chapter 4 - Improving Workforce Data Collections – Development and Reporting
Provides information about appropriate reporting and ongoing development frameworks can be implemented to ensure a capable, productive workforce and a rewarding employment environment for employees.

Chapter 5 - Supporting Leadership and Management Development
Provides information about a range of activities, such as the Public Sector Management Program, so that the State Service continues to build the skills and knowledge required for developing workforce capability into the future.

Chapter 6 - Increasing Human Resources and Industrial Relations Capability
Provides information about increasing capability in Industrial Relations and Human Resources so that workforce policies, practices and management are well supported.

Chapter 7 – Improving Workforce Management Frameworks
Provides information about the review of the Employment Framework and related instruments to enable the requirements of the State Service are able to be met, while still ensuring procedural fairness and clear accountability.

Chapter 8 – Diversity and good workplaces
Provides information about increasing the diversity of the State Service to ensure it is representative of the community it serves and promoting the State Service as a rewarding and contemporary workforce that serves the Government and the Tasmanian community.

Chapter 9 – Workforce Management
Provides information about State Service workforce management matters.

Appendix A – Resources/Links

Appendix B – People Matter Survey – Summary Results

Appendix C – Workforce Profile

*Please note the 2014-15 report was updated on 14 January 2016.