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Chapter 8 - Supporting whole-of-service Industrial Relations

In 2015-16, SSMO continued to support agencies’ management of industrial issues. This included providing regular advice on State Service and occupational-group industrial matters, as well as advice to support agency management of individual cases.

SSMO also continued to provide Secretariat support and advice to the Public Sector Industrial Relations Committee (PSIRC). This Committee is made up of a group of senior leaders from across the State Service who work together to resolve or provide the Government with advice on State Service industrial issues which have implications beyond one agency.

Industrial Relations Framework

In 2015-16, SSMO’s Industrial Relations team progressed the Industrial Relations Framework package to clarify the governance of State Service industrial relations management. This package outlines the roles and responsibilities of industrial relations practitioners throughout the Service. Agencies will continue to be supported by SSMO through providing industrial relations advice and assistance in industrial agreement negotiations.

Progressing Awards and Agreements

During 2015-16 a number of Agreement negotiations were underway. These negotiations were informed and consistent with the commitment to an enterprise bargaining framework where wages and other employment costs are sustainable. For example, during 2015-16 negotiations commenced in relation to a number of Agreements, that will continue into the next financial year, including:

  • Ambulance
  • Salaried Medical Practitioners
  • Visiting Medical Practitioners
  • Correctional Officers.

In 2016-17, the majority of State Service Agreements will be due for renegotiation, including the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement, which covers general State Service employees, and as well as a number of occupational-specific agreements such as those covering nurses and midwives, and teachers.

Working with other jurisdictions

SSMO has continued to represent the State Service at interjurisdictional gatherings of state and territory governments to discuss national and state-level industrial relations issues.

For example, SSMO attends the National Public Sector IR Directors Group, which meets twice yearly to discuss trends and challenges to public sector workforce management and industrial issues. SSMO will host the Directors Group in 2016-17.

National Public Sector IR Directors Group

Photo: National Public Sector IR Directors Group.
Representatives from all States, ACT, NT and Commonwealth.

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