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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Resources for Councils and Councillors

Amendments to Local Government Act 1993 and Local Government (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2016 - Information sheet January 2019

Summary of Changes to the Local Government (General) Regulations 2015 - Information sheet August 2018

Gifts and Donations Register - Local Government (General) Regulations 2015 - Guideline August 2019

Councillor Allowances - Information sheet from 1 November 2019 to 31 October 2020

Council Meeting Procedures - Information sheet November 2018

General Manager Appointments and Contracts - Information sheet July 2015

Access to information for councillors - Information sheet December 2017

Compliance - Pecuniary interest; Misuse of office; Misuse of information - Information sheet November 2018

Director of Local Government and Local Government Division - Information sheet July 2015

Role of the General manager - Information sheet November 2018

Pecuniary interest - Information sheet April 2014

Representations to councillors - Information sheet March 2014

Role of elected members - Information sheet September 2013

Sale of Public Land - Information sheet July 2015

Information for councils

Local Government Amendment (Targeted Review) Act 2017 - summary of changes to the Local Government Act 1993 - Information sheet December 2017

Tendering and Contracting - Information sheet July 2015

Local Government Audit Panels - A practice guide revised March 2018 - Department of Premier and Cabinet

Local Government Audit Panels - A practice guide - Appendix 1: Model code of conduct for members of the audit panel - Word version released March 2018

Local Government Audit Panels - A practice guide - Appendix 2: Model audit panel charter - Word version revised March 2018

Dilapidated Building legislation - Guidance for General Managers - Department of Justice, released 24 Jan 2014

Calculating penalties for late payment of rates Information sheet November 2015

Local Government Rates and Charges - Guidance paper for policy development - April 2012

Tasmanian Local Government Asset Management Policy - February 2012

Annual General Meetings - Good practice guideline February 2018

Annual Report Guidelines - Good practice guideline January 2018

Local Government Code of Conduct

National Competition Policy and Competitive Neutrality Principles

Statewide Directions Paper - Review of Council Recreational Vehicle Overnight Camping   Services

The provision of Council recreational vehicle camping services - Fact sheet May 2012

Community Service Obligations - CSOs policy and guidelines for local government

Inter-governmental Agreement Establishing Principles to Guide Inter-Governmental Relations on Local Government Matters - an agreement the Tasmanian Government has entered into with the Commonwealth, other states and territories, and the Australian Local Government Association.

Further information on Competitive Neutrality Principles can be found on the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator webpage.

Making by-laws

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 1 - Part II of the Local Government Act 1993

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 2 - Steps in making a by-law

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 3 - Regulatory impact statements / Section 156A Local Government Act 1993 )

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 4 - Penalties and infringement notices - The Monetary Penalties Enforcement Act 2005

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 5 - Tabling a law in parliament: requirements of the standing committee on subordinate legislation

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 6 - When a regulatory impact statement is not required

Dog Control Act 2000

Application for Registration of Dog(s) - Form approved by Director of Local Government 20 August 2018

Information for owners and council officers

Information on microchipping dogs

Information on dangerous and restricted breed dogs