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Code of Conduct Framework Review


In early 2017, the Tasmanian Government agreed to a request from the local government sector to review the Local Government Code of Conduct Framework following its first 12 months of operation.

The aim of the Review was to determine how effectively the framework was working and identify and address any aspects that were not operating as intended.

The Review was the subject of substantial consultation with the local government sector, Code of Conduct Panel members and the Code of Conduct Panel Executive Officer. The sector endorsed a set of recommendations at the Local Government Association of Tasmania’s General Meeting on 1 November 2017.

Following consideration of these recommendations, the Government released a response report in June 2018.

Government response

The Government’s response proposed a package of 19 individual improvements to the framework.

These included legislative amendments, changes to the Model Code and administrative and process improvements designed to increase the sector’s ownership of, and commitment to the framework and improve the efficiency of complaints processes, including through the early dismissal of trivial complaints.

The Review of the Local Government Code of Conduct - Tasmanian Government Response June 2018 is available to view and download.

Following further stakeholder input on the legislative amendments and changes to the Model Code, the final changes commenced in December 2018 through the Local Government Amendment (Miscellaneous) Act 2018 and the Local Government (Model Code of Conduct) Amendment Order 2018 and a range of administrative and process changes.

More information

For more information regarding the Review please contact the Local Government Division:

  • phone 03 6232 7022