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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Local Government Code of Conduct

Code of conduct framework for Tasmanian councillors

The Local Government Act 1993 (the Act), provides a local government code of conduct framework for Tasmanian councillors.

The framework was introduced in 2016 and provides a consistent, effective and enforceable means to address councillor misconduct.

Under the framework, councils are required to adopt a single, statewide Model Code of Conduct developed in consultation with the local government sector and approved by the Minister for Local Government. Councils are able to apply make variations to the Code, however they must be consistent with the Model Code.

The Code of Conduct is enforced by an independent Code of Conduct Panel established to investigate and determine complaints involving alleged breaches of the Code and empowered to issue sanctions against councillors found in breach.

The Code of Conduct replaces the previous system of 29 separate council Code of Conduct Panels and the Local Government Association of Tasmania’s Standards Panel.

The Model Code of Conduct was amended in December 2018 following a review of its operation during the first 12 months since it commenced. The review was jointly conducted by the Government and the local government sector.

A number of changes have been made to the Model Code to improve its operation and councils were required to adopt the revised Model Code of Conduct by 26 March 2019.

For more information on the review, see the Joint Review of the local government Code of Conduct Framework.

Information on how to make a Code of Conduct complaint is available on the Making a Code of Conduct Complaint webpage.