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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Councils Consolidated Data Collection (CDC)

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC)’s Local Government Division (LGD) uses data (facts and statistics) for reference or analysis to provide advice and support to the State Government and local government sector.

The Tasmanian Local Government Consolidated Data Collection (CDC) is a source of data that has been collected from councils by LGD every year since 2000 for several end-users.

As a single, annual, statewide data collection, the CDC

  • minimises demands on councils to duplicate data for the various end-users
  • improves the consistency and quality of data
  • enables statewide analysis, monitoring and reporting of council information

CDC data

The CDC includes council information about

  • financial and asset management
  • land-use planning and development
  • demographic and workforce data
  • roads and bridges data
  • other information such as disability access in each municipality

CDC end-users

The CDC is collected for a variety of end-users who report or analyse the data for their own purposes. End-users include

  • State Grants Commission (SGC) within the Department of Treasury and Finance
  • Planning Policy Unit (PPU), within the Department of Justice
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
  • Australian Local Government Association (ALGA)
  • Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT)

Open Data

The raw data in the CDC (that is, data that has not been analysed) has been available to the public to access and use since 2017.

All CDC datasets collected since 2000 can be downloaded via the open data portal of the Land Information System Tasmania (the LIST) by scrolling to the ‘Tasmanian Local Government Consolidated Data Collection (CDC)’.

CDC data downloads

The downloadable CDC data files are in the format of Excel workbooks (.xls or .slsx files) that include

  • individual annual data returns from each council from 2000-01 until the present
  • due to the volume of data two statewide data repositories, that contain some of the financial, expenditure and infrastructure data together in a single workbook:
    • Volume 1 – 2000-01 until 2014-15 financial years
    • Volume 2 – 2015-16 until the present

There is also a summary table for each council on LISTmap that includes demographic, financial, infrastructure, planning and workforce information taken from the latest CDC.


The Local Government Division does not guarantee that CDC data is correct. Until 2016-17, the financial data had been checked against each council’s audited financial statements. From 2017-18, the financial data used in the CDC is audited council data and is consistent with the Auditor-General’s reports. All other data is checked only for completeness but is not audited. All checks are undertaken through an independent validation process.

More information

For information about specific data in the CDC, contact the council concerned.  Contact details for councils is available in the Tasmanian council directory.

For more information about using CDC data, see the metadata record on the open data page at LISTdata.