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Board of Inquiry - Glenorchy City Council

On 14 October 2015, the Minister for Planning and Local Government, Peter Gutwein MP, announced the establishment of a Board of Inquiry under section 215(1)(b) of the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act) to investigate the Glenorchy City Council.

The powers and functions of the Board of Inquiry are set out in Part 13, Division 1 of the Act. The Terms of Reference are provided for your information.

Board of Inquiry Report

The Board of Inquiry Report was provided to the Minister for Planning and Local Government on 16 November 2017 in accordance with Section 224(1) of the Act. The Glenorchy City Council Board of Inquiry Report November 2017 is available to download.

The Minister for Planning and Local Government tabled the Board of Inquiry’s report in Parliament on 28 November 2017.

The Board of Inquiry found:

(a) the failure of the Council to perform many of its functions seriously affected the operation of the council; and

(b) the irregularity of the conduct of the Council seriously affected the operation of the Council. Further, the Board found that the Council failed to provide leadership and good governance to the city and was in need of major reforms in governance and management.

Glenorchy City Council (Dismissal of Councillors) Act 2017

On 15 November 2017, the Tasmanian Parliament approved a Bill to dismiss the Glenorchy City councillors and set 16 January 2018 as the closing date for a fresh council election. The councillors were officially dismissed on 22 November 2017, when the Bill received Royal Assent.

Ministerial Directions

Ministerial Directions, based on the Board’s recommendations, were issued to the newly elected Glenorchy City Council in late January 2018.

The Directions focus on several key areas including: governance, training, policies and procedures, committees and memberships, compliance and employment contracts.

The Directions are forward looking and are designed to assist the newly elected Council have the best chance to succeed. The  Ministerial Directions - Glenorchy City Council are available to download.

Tasmanian Audit Office Report

Independent of the Board of Inquiry, the Tasmanian Audit Office undertook an investigation into the procurement of goods and services from CT Management Group Pty Ltd by Glenorchy City Council. The Tasmanian Audit Office Report of the Auditor-General No 1 of 2017-18 Glenorchy City Council October 2017 is available to download.

Further information

For further information on the Inquiry please contact the Local Government Division either by telephone on (03) 6232 7022 or by email to