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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Local Government Legislation and Reviews

The Local Government Division is responsible for administering the following legislation:

There are also several "executed" Acts, or legislation enacted for a one-off purpose which has now been achieved. An example is the Local Government (Deferred Elections) Act 1990.

Details of this legislation, and the subordinate legislation (or regulations) under each Act can be found at the Tasmanian Legislation database

Right to Information Act 2009

Accessing council information from 1 July 2010

The Right to Information Act 2009, (the Act) which commenced on 1 July 2010, introduced a new right to information' framework to replace the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

The Act applies to all Tasmanian government agencies, including councils and council-owned companies.

The objective of the Act is to ensure that the maximum amount of official information is provided to the public.  It requires councils and other government agencies to take a proactive approach to the release of information.

The Act includes a specific exemption for council information that is contained in the minutes of a closed meeting of a council or if the information is proposed by a council officer or councillor for the purpose of being submitted to a closed meeting (and which was brought into existence for that purpose).

There a number of other exemptions that may apply to information in the possession of a council or other government agency.

Further information is available on the Department of Justice website at and the Right to Information Act may be viewed at