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Councillor conduct complaints

Councils Code of Conduct

The Local Government Act 1993 (the Act) provides a local government code of conduct framework for Tasmanian councillors. Under the framework councils are required to adopt a single statewide Model Code of Conduct which sets out the standard of behaviour that councillors are required to meet when carrying out their roles and functions.

The standards of behaviour that are included in each council’s Code of Conduct are:

1. Decision making

2. Conflict of interest

3. Use of office

4. Use of resources

5. Use of information

6. Gifts and benefits

7. Relationships with the community, councillors and council employees

8. Representation

Making a councillor code of conduct complaint

Any person may make a code of conduct complaint against a councillor in relation to the contravention by the councillor of the relevant council’s code of conduct.

A person may make a complaint against more than one councillor if the complaint relates to the same behaviour and the same code of conduct contravention.

Detailed information on how to make a code of conduct complaint is provided on the Making a Councillor Code of Conduct Complaint webpage.

Further information

A copy of a council's Code of Conduct is available from the council's website or directly from the council.

Links to council websites are available in the Tasmanian Council Directory.

Further information for persons making a Code of Conduct complaint is contained in the Information Sheet – Local Government Code of Conduct – Information for Complainants Information Sheet - Local Government Code of Conduct - Information for Complainants