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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Complaints under Local Government Legislation against a council, councillor, general manager or council employee

Any person may contact the Local Government Division to seek information about making a complaint where it is genuinely believed that a councillor, general manager or council employee may have committed an offence under the Local Government Act 1993 or related legislation, or failed to comply with the requirements of the Act or related legislation.

A complaint can also be made if it is believed that a council may have failed to comply with legislative requirements.

The Director of Local Government will assess your complaint and undertake an investigation, if appropriate.

A general information guide about the complaint-making process is provided for you to download.

It is a requirement of the Act that you verify your complaint by a statutory declaration.

A statutory declaration form to attach to your complaint and the list of who can sign the statutory declaration are available for you to download.

The Division can assist you, if necessary, to lodge a formal complaint with the Director of Local Government under the Local Government Act.

More information

Please contact the Local Government Division if you have any queries or need assistance regarding your complaint:

  • phone 03 6232 7022