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The Director of Local Government is responsible for administering the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act), including formal investigations of non-compliance or offences under the Act.

All complaints received by the Director about potential breaches of the Act are acknowledged in writing and assessed as to the nature of the issue and availability of evidence or witnesses.

An assessment will determine whether a complaint is

  • accepted for investigation by the Director
  • dismissed because it is not valid or lacks evidence

Investigations undertaken by the Director are separate from Local Government Board reviews, a Board of Inquiry or investigations undertaken by the Code of Conduct Panel.

A Board of Inquiry may be established by the Minister for Local Government under the Local Government Act 1993 to investigate matters relating to the Administration of the Act. This may include the investigation of a council, local government authority or any other matter under the Act. Membership of a Board of Inquiry comprises one or more people appointed by the Minister. Boards of Inquiry operate separately to the Local Government Board.

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Investigation reports

If an investigation relating to an individual is undertaken, the Director generally does not make public comment about the issues or result of the investigation, due to its confidential nature.

However, the Director may decide it is in the public interest to publish a report, depending on the volume or seriousness of the issues.

Recent investigations

Find out more about recent investigations undertaken by the Director of Local Government, including a summary of the investigation, copy of the investigation report and updates from the relevant councils on the implementation of the Director’s recommendations:

Good governance

The Local Government Division promotes good governance and provides advice and assistance to councillors and council staff regarding compliance matters. This includes responding to queries, the development of good practice resources and information materials to councils, as well as presentations to councils and workshops.

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Resources and related information

More information

For more information about complaints and investigations related to breaches of the Local Government Act 1993, contact the Local Government Division:

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