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Department of Premier and Cabinet


The Director of Local Government, in his Statutory Role under the Local Government Act 1993, is responsible for the general administration of the Act, including the investigation of formal complaint allegations of non-compliance and offences under the Act.

The Director does not generally comment on any individual complaints received due to the confidential nature of the issues involved. However, there are instances where the volume or seriousness of complaints are such, that it is in the public interest for the Director to provide a publicly available report at the conclusion of an investigation.

Investigations undertaken by the Director are separate from Local Government Board reviews and Boards of Inquiry.

The following list are recent investigations providing a summary of the investigation, the report and any updates provided by the relevant councils on the implementation of that council's report recommendations:

The Local Government Division also promotes good governance in local government, and provides advice and assistance to councillors and council staff regarding compliance matters. This includes responding to queries, the development of good practice resources and information materials to councils, as well as presentations to councils and workshops.

The Government under the auspices of the Premiers Local Government Council, has also released a Good Governance Guide to assist councillors to meet their statutory duties.

Further information

For further information and any enquiries regarding investigations please contact the Local Government Division either by telephone on 03 6232 7022 or by email to