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A by-law

  • is a law made by a council
  • must relate to the functions and powers of councils as set out in the Local Government Act 1993
  • only applies to the municipal area of the council that has made the by-law
  • automatically expires 10 years after the date on which it takes effect, unless it is states that it will expire sooner

The power to make by-laws has been delegated to councils by the Tasmanian Parliament. The process for the making of by-laws is outlined in Part 11 of the Local Government Act 1993.

A council is to release a draft of the by-law and an approved regulatory impact statement for public comment.

Councils are to display a sealed copy of all by-laws in force on the council’s website.  Additional information on the making of by-laws can be found on this website.

By-law directory

The details of current Tasmanian council by-laws including expiry dates, are listed on the by-law directory page.

More information

For information about a specific by-law and its operation, contact the council which is responsible for that by-law. The website for each council can be accessed in the Tasmanian Council Directory.

For more information about making by-laws, contact the Local Government Division

  • phone 6232 7022