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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Good Governance

Local government plays a critical role in Tasmania, helping to:

  • build resilient communities
  • contribute to the development of a healthy environment
  • promote local economies

Good governance is critical for Tasmanian councils to successfully carry out these roles.

The Good Governance Guide

The Good Governance Guide for Local Government in Tasmania has been produced as a practical tool for Tasmanian councils and councillors.

The aim of the Guide is to build a better understanding of good governance and help promote and enhance good governance in Tasmanian councils. The Guide covers:

  • the characteristics and benefits of good governance
  • what good governance means in practice for local government, including
    • ethical standards
    • council roles and relationships
    • strategic planning and monitoring performance
    • risk management
    • fair and transparent decision-making
    • legislative compliance
    • continuous improvement
  • good governance and land-use planning, including
    • councils as a planning authority
    • relationships between a planning authority and stakeholders
    • legislative compliance
    • strategic land-use planning

The Guide has been prepared on behalf of the Premier’s Local Government Council by the Local Government Division, with the support of the Local Government Association of Tasmania.


More resources can be found on the Local Government Division’s Resources for councils and councillors page.

More information

For more information, contact the Local Government Division:

  • phone 03 6232 7022