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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Partnership with the University of Tasmania

The Tasmanian Government has a long-standing relationship with the University of Tasmania, in recognition of its importance as the only University in Tasmania and its contribution to the economic, social and cultural development of Tasmania.

The fifth Partnership between the University and the State, Making the Future, was signed on 29 August 2015. It is a ten-year agreement, running until 2025, with key long-term targets:

Access and attainmentImprove educational outcomes in Tasmania by raising the number of Tasmanian students in higher education by 10 000.
Economic impactGrow the research and higher education sector in Tasmania by increasing the turnover of the University so that it reaches at least one billion dollars a year.
InternationalisationIncrease the flow of international students into the Tasmanian community and double their contribution to the economy to $400 million within five years.
A modern economy Enhance the contribution of research to the Tasmanian economy by cementing the University’s place as one of Australia’s top ten universities in terms of attracting research income;

Align higher education programs with Tasmania’s current and future workforce needs so that the University becomes a leader in workforce development and reform; and

Develop new industries with high value jobs and improve the capacity of Tasmanian businesses, institutions and  enterprises to innovate.
Revitalised regionsBring new capital investment worth over $400 million into regional centres and increase the contribution of students to community life in our cities.


Short annual statements on progress will be provided to the public each year of the Partnership.  A detailed review will occur every three years, with the first review to occur in 2018.

View the full partnership agreement (PDF, 340KB)

View the short annual statement on progress for 2016 (PDF, 167KB)