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Annex 1 - A guide to collaboration

What is the problem?

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Is a collaborative approach necessary to address the problem?

  • Would planning benefit from input from other agencies or their stakeholders?
  • Will you need help from other agencies for program or service delivery?
  • Will more than one agency be required to report on results achieved?

Answering yes to two or more of these questions indicates that it’s likely you have a whole-of-government project to manage.

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How have the critical factors been addressed?


  • which agency(s) is/are going to lead?
  • which Minister is responsible?
  • who will champion this project from the top?
  • who will lead / drive the group?
  • is it clear which agency(s) is/are accountable?


  • how are you going to build trust?

Shared Aims

  • what is the group trying to achieve?
  • is there a shared understanding of the aims and is this reflected in the terms of reference?
  • have the benefits for each party been clearly articulated?


  • is membership clearly defined?
  • are all stakeholders represented?
  • are members at the right level to make decisions on behalf of their agencies?
  • will you have the requisite technical expertise?

Budget and Accountability

  • are there dedicated resources for the work?
  • is there Ministerial / Head of Agency support?
  • have shared risks and rewards been identified?
  • how will performance be monitored and evaluated?

Information Sharing

  • have you agreed a process for sharing information – eg minutes and papers circulated X number of days before a meeting?
  • who will be responsible for information management?
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Have you got the most appropriate structure to solve your problem?

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