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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Brand Tasmania Project

The beginning of a new chapter

More than ever before, places need to be able to clearly differentiate themselves in the global marketplace for tourists, investors, talent and trade in order to be successful and stay competitive – Tasmania is no different.

The Premier recognised that in order to remain successful and competitive, Tasmania needs to build on decades of effective work by the (former) Brand Tasmania Council and to take that work to a new level through an improved structure and funding surety.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC) completed a review of Tasmania’s Brand in 2017 and found strength in particular sectors, but potential to improve the overarching Tasmanian master brand. This is why the Tasmanian Government has created a new statutory authority, Brand Tasmania, to maximise brand promotion, collaboration and management. This evolution was led by a Brand Tasmania Transition Committee, supported by a project team within DPAC’s Policy Division and the former Brand Tasmania Council.

Brand Tasmania is the beginning of a new chapter that unifies and evolves the work of the former Brand Tasmania Council and existing work by government, businesses and the community to strengthen national and international demand for the products and services we offer.

Brand Tasmania works closely and collaboratively with the private sector, local government, peak bodies and other government agencies to promote Tasmania as the best place in the world to live and work, visit, study, invest and trade. It will continue to nurture a Tasmanian place-brand that is collectively owned and promoted by the Tasmanian community.

Visit the Brand Tasmania website for further information.

Tasmania’s Story

Where does Tasmania’s Story come from? No one invents it – it’s already here. And it belongs to, and can be used by, everyone.

Building on the Brand review completed in 2017, research was undertaken in the first half of 2018 to further define Tasmania’s Story through an initiative called The Naked State. As part of this process, 200 randomly selected Tasmanian’s from every cross-section of our community were interviewed to uncover what is uniquely Tasmanian and why they love living here. This video will give you an insight into The Naked State and the themes that have emerged from the interviews:

Further work on Tasmania’s Story will be undertaken by Brand Tasmania during 2019.

This next exciting phase for our Tasmanian Brand will see the new authority turning up the spotlight that’s already shining on our people, place, produce and products. This will attract increased talent, trade, investment and visitors to our State, which will strengthen our economy and provide new exciting opportunities for all Tasmanians.