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Tasmania's Place in the Asian Century

The size and rapid growth of Asian economies means that Asia will increasingly dominate the global economy in the 21st Century. This is the most transformative economic shift of power in generations and Tasmania will need to adapt to the economic transition and the opportunities and challenges that it will bring.

The Tasmania's Place in the Asian Century White Paper (PDF) was launched in March 2013.

The White Paper establishes the strategic framework to guide Tasmania's engagement with Asia over the next 10 years. The Executive Summary to the White Paper can be found here.

To support this engagement the White Paper identifies nine goals and 60 strategic directions to improve Tasmania's ability to engage with Asia and the Asian century.

In response to the White Paper, the Tasmanian Government is supporting the University of Tasmania to establish an Asia Institute at the University.

Education is critical to Tasmania's engagement with Asia. The Department of Education has developed an Asian Education Strategy to increase Tasmanian students' opportunities to build Asian literacy.

From October 2014, the Department of State growth is the lead Tasmanian Government agency for the Asian engagement.

for enquiries regarding trade and investment opportunities in the Asian region, please contact Business Tasmania, by telephone on 1800 44 026 or by email at

Tasmania's Place in the Asian Century 

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