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Appendix 5 - List of Approved Community Projects

Title Overview Approved funding Proponent Sponsor
Basketball Slab and Hoop The Murdunna Playground has become a community recovery hub whereby school children are picked up and dropped off for the bus; travellers stop to use the amenities and take a break; and parents come here to rest while their children play. The playground caters for younger children and a need has been identified to develop a recreational outlet for older children and maybe even adults. The focus of this project is for basketball however the slab can also be used for other sporting activities due to the ability to remove the pole. The proposed slab size is 15m x 8m. $9,900 Aaron Millar Tasman Rotary (Marian Larner)
Community Bush Dance Six community bush dances over a 12 month period to bring the fire-affected communities together - family friendly, alcohol and smoke free. Held at Copping Hall, no entrance fee, community encouraged to bring a plate for supper. Project to be led by a small group of local youths with mentoring from parents and friends.  $7,380 Phillip Wherrett Vines & Designs P/L
Community Noticeboard at Westerway This waterproof noticeboard will be positioned at the Westerway Post Office to serve the communities of the Central Highlands and the Derwent Valley.  $935 Central Highlands Council Central Highlands Council
Community Water Storage for Emergency Fire Fighting To establish permanent storage tanks for water to be used for emergency fire fighting in the areas of Copping, Connellys Marsh and Sommers Bay where there is no access to a water supply.  $15,000 Dunalley Fire Brigade Kevin Daly Dunalley Fire Brigade
Construction of Multi-Purpose Pavilion at Bream Creek Show Grounds The proposed pavilion will provide a permanent multi-purpose under cover structure for the use of the Bream Creek Show and the many community groups who regularly use the facilities; the monthly Farmers Market, other community events and private functions. The aim is to encourage community cohesion and provide valuable support and a sense of belonging for those struggling to rebuild their lives in the wake of the fires.  $23,780 Bream Creek Show Society Inc. Brigid Ritchie Bream Creek Show Society Inc.
Copping Community Care Cool Room Facilities Acquisition and installation of cool room facilities for perishable foodstuff, enabling a wider range and larger volume of goods for an increased number of clients experiencing hardship. The Copping Community Care Centre actively engages with bushfire relief agencies to address identified community needs, including material and personal support to those with immediate and short term need, foster community cohesion and resilience and transition clients to a state of wellbeing and independence.  $13,500 Apostolic Community Care Kerry Chilcott &nbsp
Dunalley Fit The project will fund professional gym equipment available for the community to use under the guidance of trained supervisors in the Dunalley Primary School gym. The project aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the Dunalley Community through fitness and exercise and to provide effective opportunities for the wider community to come together in a positive, inspiring manner.  $15,000 Brett Perry/Dunalley Neighbourhood House Dunalley Neighbourhood House
Dunalley Parks, Playgrounds and Pathways The Dunalley Foreshore Parks, Playgrounds and Pathways project will provide places where community can come together and support one other and enjoy recreation in and around the beautiful foreshore setting of Dunalley. The Dunalley Foreshore Path will provide a much-needed place of tranquility and beauty for the community and visitors for recreation, relaxation, exercise, etc. It will not only bring social inclusion and community development benefits but also economic benefits to the small businesses providing food and drinks, and Dunalley in general as more people use Dunalley as a social and shopping hub. The path will include seating, viewing / fishing platforms and BBQ and picnic areas. Council has been working with students at Dunalley Primary School for nearly 12 months to develop a concept plan for the Imlay St park, which takes into account the ideas and vision of the students, as well as the surrounding landscape and environment. There will also be provision for skateboarding and other opportunities for teenagers to get involved in outdoors recreation. These various elements will be connected to each other and to other community infrastructure such as the Primary School and the new Community Hall.  $988,000 Jaybena Rose, Gillian Biscoe, Danielle McBride Sorell Council
Dunalley School Community Kitchen Fitout of a multi-use community kitchen and storage facility to be annexed to the School Hall, this project will help address both current economic and social needs. Functions would include a whole of community function centre; recommencement of a whole of school cooking program; commercial kitchen facilities for local food production businesses and Bream Creek Farmer's Market; all ages educational centre; ability to host specialist programs including arts; breakfast club facilities; facilities to support regular / annual fundraising events.  $40,000 Elizabeth Knox - Dunalley School Association Dunalley School Association
Dunalley Sports Ground To upgrade sporting facilities - both on ground and off ground - providing an outlet for exercising and socialising which will benefit the health and well being of bushfire-affected communities. Included: enclosed practice nets; resurfacing of sports ground area; ground surrounds and off ground facilities.  $15,000 Dunalley Cricket Club, Hayden Cleaver and David Petrie Dunalley Cricket Club
Dunalley Tennis Courts Build two "super grass" tennis courts and lights to replace those lost in the January 2013 bushfires. Build courts at golf club in order to enhance a community sporting-base. Children in town have been left with less outlets for sporting participation. Enhance viability of golf club. Foster community spirit.  $30,000 Dunalley Golf Club  
Eaglehawk Neck Community Hall Upgrade To upgrade the toilets, purchase and connect diesel generator, relocate and connect additional water tank, and gravel the licensed area (Parks & Wildlife Service) around the hall to provide a better parking and reduce future potential fire risks. Will provide improved evacuation and community facilities, along with environmental, economic and social benefits for the community.  $23,500 Eaglehawk Neck Community & Hall Association Inc. Dave Moser Eaglehawk Neck Community & Hall Association Inc
Grave Island Foreshore Day Use The area of foreshore at the north-eastern corner of Murdunna Bay is a place of considerable beauty with a safe beach and shallow waters ideal for children and family groups. At low tide one can walk to Grave Island. The proposal is that this spot would make a great day-use area. Properly signposted and with good landscaping and some simple furniture, tables seats and perhaps cooking facilities, all sensitively designed, this place could become a lovely stopping off point where children could safely play in a natural landscape/seascape  $14,500 Murdunna Bushfire Recovery Group Tasman Council
Mobile BBQ / Event Facilities During the Dunalley Fires (Forcett fire) a countless number of meals were cooked at the Dunalley Hotel on a large commercial barbeque which was of great benefit to the community. Our proposal is for the purchase of a large, high quality, mobile barbeque; two medium sized, high quality marquees with side walls; and a set of two trestle tables. This equipment could be stored at the fire/ ambulance station for the purposes of loaning the equipment at no charge to community groups who would benefit from the use of the equipment to create a lifted community spirit or creation of a fundraising opportunity.  $6,800 Aaron Millar Dunalley Volunteer Fire Brigade
Murdunna Foreshore Walkway The walkway is central to the coordinated community development of the Murdunna strategy fitting in as it does with the launching ramp and car park development at its western end and the footbridge and picnic area at its eastern end at the junction of the Arthur Highway and Sommers Bay Road  $194,850 Murdunna Bushfire Recovery Group Tasman Council
Murdunna on the Water This project seeks to provide equipment, watercraft and storage including kayak/ dinghy storage rack and cover, equipment, trailer, kayaks, pfds and safety equipment for Murdunna and surrounding communities. The aim is to directly assist individuals, families and community who have lost watercraft and equipment in the January bushfires while providing an opportunity for all of the community to participate in recreational activities on the water.  $15,000 Angela Lowe Peninsula Acquatic Club - Mary Woods, Treasurer
Native Wildlife Nestboxes To build nestboxes to support native wildlife, including bats, ducks, possums, owls etc, whose habitat has been adversely affected by the bush fires. The proposal is to involve the community, affected land owners and wildlife experts to provide artificial nesting sites in areas where vegetation has been lost.  $8,200 Roaring Beach Wildlife Rescue Dunalley Tasman Neighbourhood House
Nubeena Evacuation Centre The project aims to develop the facilities in the Civic Centre at Nubeena which was used during the recent bushfires as an evacuation centre. This building, an unfinished project, would bring the community together in a good way and equip it for future emergency use. As well as developing community spirit it would make more space for recreation and social interaction, promoting healthy living. Once the space has been prepared, the proposal is to develop a gym and climbing wall for community use. After the bushfires many members of the community are in need of a project that will bring the community together in a positive way.  $56,000 Tasman Council  
Refurbishment of the Ellendale Community Hall This refurbishment will provide the community with enhanced facilities including lavatories, that may be used in an emergency, as well as for ongoing social interaction that may assist with building community connectedness and resilience.  $50,000 Central Highlands Council Central Highlands Council
Restoration of Pedestrian Access to Connellys Beach from Beach Road To restore reliable and safe pedestrian access - including wheelchair and child strollers - to Connellys Beach from Beach Road. Beach access is a very important amenity for residents and visitors and having the footpath restored will contribute significantly to the long-term sense of recovery for the community.  $15,300 Connellys Marsh Bushfire Recovery Group Chris Lloyd-Bostock Chris Cowles Julia Knight Southern Beaches Landcare and Coastcare Incorporated
Sommers Bay Road Car Park – Landscape & Footpaths Upgrading and enhancing the immediate area on and around the car park at the junction of Sommers Bay Road and the Arthur Highway has the potential to substantially lift the town profile and will provide a much needed landscaped area where locals and visitors can relax and enjoy the scenic amenity. The landscaping will include short low-impact paths to the rivulet and to the proposed foot bridge across the creek. This area will also be the starting point for the Foreshore Walkway planned for Murdunna.  $15,000 Murdunna Bushfire Recovery Group Tasman Council
Sounds Rivulet Footbridge The proposal is for the construction of a foot bridge across the Sounds Rivulet at Murdunna. This footbridge would provide a safer pathway across the rivulet than the hazardous main road crossing. Residents to the north of the rivulet find it particularly difficult to walk across the main bridge and now that traffic volumes are increasing, so too is the danger.  $15,000 Murdunna Bushfire Recovery Group Tasman Council
Symbols of Bushfire Recovery This project aims to lift the spirits of the communities affected by the bushfires through a series of community arts workshops and the subsequent use of the end products for long-term use. All members of the community will be invited to participate and learn new or enhance existing skills. Experienced artists will develop a well-structured series of workshops that will result in visual symbols of recovery.  $14,300 Christopher Cowles and Di McPherson Dunalley Tasman Neighbourhood House
Upgrade of the Belchers Tier Transmission Tower This upgrade will ensure that the existing transmission tower provides ABC coverage to an extended area. This will enable all residents in the areas affected by the Lake Repulse 2013 fires to tune in to the ABC emergency coverage in future years. The project cost provides for five years of maintenance.  $100,310 Central Highlands Council Central Highlands Council
Upgrade Pedestrian Access from Sommers Bay Road to Sommers Bay Jetty Currently, there is no pram or wheelchair access via the existing pedestrian access from the Sommers Bay Road to the Sommers Bay Jetty. The project is to upgrade this pedestrian access for wheelchair and prams, permitting mothers and small children as well as people with a disability to gain access to the jetty, pontoon, table, and beach area.  $15,000 Sommers Bay Jetty Association Sommers Bay Jetty Association
WILDFIRE A book recording the experiences of those affected by fire, with contributions from all welcome. A cross section of stories has already been received ranging from volunteers to those who lost everything. A book provides a tangible record of the historical event, the social cost, humourous stories, devastating losses, incredible bravery and community spirit. In addition to the written text, this publication will display the spectacular images captured by the community during and after the fires. This publication is part of the recovery and regrowth of our community.  $36,200 Joanne Curren/ Dunalley Neighbourhood House Dunalley Neighbourhood House
Youth Involvement Program The project will design and implement a range of programs to involve teenage youth in the Dunalley area. The programs will involve sporting activities and a range of other creative pursuits and will be developed in collaboration with the target audience. The funding will enable initial engagement with the target audience, and will provide for a number of youth activities. Funding will also be allocated to cover expenses (e.g. travel and accommodation) for recognised youth 'champions' (e.g. sports people, musicians etc) to participate and lead engagement activities.  $12,500 Caroline Bignell Nell DeGrassi Dunalley Tasman Neighbourhood House