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Coastal hazards in Tasmania

Tasmania’s coastal zone is particularly important to the Tasmanian community and the economy. No place in Tasmania is more than 115 kilometres from the sea, with most of Tasmania’s population centres and major industries located on or near the coast.

Coastal hazards, including inundation and erosion, are the result of natural processes that have the potential to cause considerable damage to communities, industries and infrastructure. These hazards are expected to be magnified by climate change and sea level rise, presenting significant risk to Tasmanian communities and the economy if they are not appropriately managed.

In response to the risks presented by coastal inundation and erosion, the Coastal Hazards Package has been prepared. The Package provides guidance for the management of coastal hazards in the land use planning and building system. It adopts a risk-based approach based on the best available evidence to inform appropriate planning and building controls. Details on how to access the mapping can be found on page two of the summary report.

Coastal Summary report

Coastal hazards summary report 

Draft Coastal Technical Report

Coastal hazards report

Background reports


The Minister for Planning and Local Government invited comments on the draft Package from local government and industry on 18 March 2016.The consultation sought feedback on:

  • whether the draft Package achieves the right balance between planning, building control and emergency management;
  • how the risk assessment and mapping could be improved;
  • information and resources that may assist organisations implementing the Package into their core business, including asset management, emergency management, and
  • community or member awareness, as well as planning and building controls; and
  • any other matters that may be considered relevant to the Package. The mapping in the Draft Package represents a significant step forward from that which was released to local government in January 2014 and will assist us in better understanding Tasmania’s vulnerability to coastal hazards.

The coastal hazards report provides the results of the consultation undertaken as part of the development of the package, while the summary of the consultation on the draft coastal hazards package is available in the Summary of Consultation Report


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