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Bushfire Mitigation Measures Bill 2020

About the Bill

To enhance Tasmania’s bushfire preparedness, the Tasmanian Government is proposing to introduce a new legislative framework to support bushfire mitigation in Tasmania. This legislative framework will be in the form of a Bushfire Mitigation Measures Bill.

While it is not possible to eliminate bushfires, the Bill will seek to:

  • Reinforce the duty of public and private land owners and occupiers to proactively manage bushfire risks on land they own or control – because all Tasmanians have a role to play in protecting lives, properties and Tasmania’s natural and cultural heritage from bushfire.
  • Provide for the establishment of a Bushfire Mitigation Measures (BMM) Panel - with representation from the Tasmanian Government, the Environment Protection Authority, the Local Government Association of Tasmania, and an independent expert member, to ensure a range of perspectives and expertise are utilised when considering applications for the approval of Bushfire Mitigation Plans.
  • Streamline the Bushfire Mitigation Plan (BMP) approval process - by creating a ‘one stop’ approval process through which landowners and occupiers can submit approval for a BMP to the newly established BMM Panel. The BMM Panel’s approval of a BMP will remove the need for separate approval processes that may apply under other Tasmanian legislation.
  • Consolidate the framework for bushfire hazard reduction notices - to empower the Tasmania Fire Service to issue a bushfire hazard reduction notice to an occupier of land requiring reduction of bushfire dangers and removal of bushfire hazards or the mitigation of bushfire risks.

An Explanatory Paper and Fact Sheet have been developed to explain the purpose and contents of the Bill.

Submissions Closed

Public submissions on the Draft Bushfire Mitigation Measures Bill 2020 closed on 23 October 2020. Submissions will be analysed and the feedback provided to Government for its consideration. All submissions, with the exception of those provided confidentially, will be published to this page at the earliest opportunity.

Seeking feedback on the Draft Bill is just the first step in the Government’s consultation plan. There will be further opportunities for the community to have their say on the proposed legislative framework (including on the proposed Statutory Guidelines).

Contact Information

Any queries in relation to the Bushfire Mitigation Measures Bill can be directed to the Project Team as follows:


Post:     Office of Security and Emergency Management

Department of Premier and Cabinet

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