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Office of Security and Emergency Management

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Contact the Office of Security and Emergency Management on 03 6232 7979 or Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513.

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Office of Security and Emergency Management

The Office of Security and Emergency Management supports whole-of-government strategies to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from, emergencies arising from acts of terrorism, natural disasters and other emergencies. The primary focus of the Office is to assist with the implementation of Council of Australian Government (COAG) reforms in the areas of natural disasters and counter terrorism.

The role of the Office includes:

  • Working with all government agencies to ensure that Tasmania maintains a contemporary and well-understood framework for the prevention, preparedness, response to, and recovery from emergencies
  • Providing support for the development and maintenance of plans and capabilities that underpin the State's arrangements for acts of terrorism or natural disasters
  • Addressing counter-terrorism and emergency management issues arising from the agreements of the Council of Australian Governments
  • Providing ongoing support for Tasmania's representatives on the Australia-New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee (ANZCTC) and the Australia-New Zealand Emergency Management Committee (ANZEMC)
  • Managing whole-of-government processes to support the Tasmanian Relief and Recovery Arrangements (TRRA) and Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements  (DRFA).

For enquiries related to any current emergencies and relief/recovery assistance, please view TasALERT for the latest information.

2016 Floods

Please follow these links for further information to the Independent Inquiry Report from Mr Mike Blake and the Flood Recovery Taskforce’s Report – ‘From Floods into Recovery’.

Mr Blake’s report is available at

The Flood Recovery Taskforce Report is available at

2016 Bushfires

Please follow these links for further information:

Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) Report – AFAC Independent Operational Review of the Management of the Tasmanian fires of January 2016

Tasmanian Climate Change Office Report - Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Bushfire and Climate Change Research Project Final Report (PDF)

Senate Inquiry into ‘Responses to, and lessons learnt from, the January and February 2016 bushfires in remote Tasmanian wilderness’ Report - (PDF 1022KB)

2013 Bushfires

2013 Tasmanian Bushfires Inquiry

The 2013 Tasmanian Bushfires Inquiry aimed to document the lessons learned from the January 2013 bushfires to ensure that Tasmania is better prepared for such events in future.  The 2013 Tasmanian Bushfires Inquiry Report and the Government's response were released on 15 October 2013. This followed a process that attracted more than 100 submissions from individuals, agencies and groups, and involved 117 interviews.

As at June 2017, 77 of 103 recommendations have been fully completed.

2013 Transition to Long-Term Recovery

This report provides an overview of the recovery framework, details the activity that the Bushfire Recovery Taskforce has implemented through its five program areas since January 2013, and records significant learnings that aim to improve Tasmania's capacity to recover from future disasters.

Natural Hazards and Land Use Planning

Please follow these links for further information:

Mitigating Natural Hazards through Land Use Planning

Coastal hazards in Tasmania

Tasmanian Relief and Recovery Arrangements

The Tasmanian Government helps individuals and communities recover from natural disasters with financial support through the Tasmanian Relief and Recovery Arrangements (TRRA). The type of help available depends on the impacts of a natural disaster. The Office of Security and Emergency Management manages whole-of-government processes to support the TRRA.

The Tasmanian Government also provides financial support to councils in joint cost sharing arrangements. The Office of Security and Emergency Management administers natural disaster financial assistance to councils.


Office of Security and Emergency Management
Phone: 03 6232 7979