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What is happening vacancies that were advertised before Wednesday 6 June 2018?

All jobs that closed after 5 June 2018 have been withdrawn and applications are currently not being accepted. It is anticipated vacancies will be advertised at a future date to be advised.

My job closed prior to 5 June 2018, what do I do?

If you have a question regarding a role that you have applied for you should contact the Human Resource section of the relevant Department specifying the role you applied for using the Agency contact details below.

I was recently advised that I have been successful in a role, will my appointment affected by this?

No, your appointment will not be affected, however the process may be delayed as we work through a backlog of cases. You will be contacted by the relevant Department as soon as possible.

I have recently applied for or have been interviewed for a role, what affect will this have on the process?

If you applied for a role that closed before the 5 June 2018, the process will not be affected by this, however it may be delayed as we work through a backlog of cases. You will be contacted by the relevant Department as soon as possible.

Data Security

What does the Tasmanian Government use PageUp for? (added - 8 June 2018)

PageUp provides an e-recruitment system that manages online applications through the Tasmanian Jobs website.

The PageUp system is also used for other internal agency processes, including vacancy management and on-boarding/induction.

Has my data been compromised? (UPDATED - 15 June 2018)

PageUp’s latest advice suggests that, on the balance of possibilities, it is likely that data has been accessed and that this data may include names, street addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers. Some employee usernames and passwords may have been accessed, however current password data is protected using industry best practice techniques including hashing and salting and therefore is considered to be of very low risk to individuals.

They believe that no data contained in on boarding, was affected and that no information from employment contracts, applicant resumes, Australian tax file numbers, credit card information or bank account information were affected.

I’m a registered user of the site. What should I be doing to protect myself? (UPDATED - 16 June 2018)

it’s recommended that anyone who has applied via the website for a position with the Tasmanian State Service be vigilant about unusual activity concerning their personal information. Advice on how to do this is available from the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) website: https://www.oaic.gov.au/individuals/data-breach-guidance/what-to-do-after-a-data-breach-notification#protecting-yourself-from-identity-fraud

Prior to suspending the PageUp system, all applicant and user accounts were expired. It is recommended that anyone who has used the same credentials (email and password) elsewhere should change them on those sites.

Do not share your information or credentials if you receive unsolicited contact from any party, including anyone claiming to represent PageUp.

How could the information be used? (added - 8 June 2018)

With all personal information, there is a risk of identity fraud or identity theft.

IDCARE publishes expert advice for organisations and individuals who experience identity compromise. This advice can be found at: https://www.idcare.org/learning-centre

Have the authorities been notified? (added- 8 June 2018)

PageUp have detailed who they notified on their website.

Where can I find out more information (UPDATED - 8 June 2018)

If you have further queries on this matter you can access the PageUp website, or email us at jobs@dpac.tas.gov.au.

I recently received an email from Tasmanian Government Recruitment, was this spam? (added- 9 June 2018)

An email from Tasmanian Government Recruitment was sent to all account holders on Friday night, 8 June 2018 to inform them about the data security incident, and advising them that while there is no evidence that anyone’s personal information has been compromised, it’s recommended that anyone who has applied for a position with the Tasmanian Government be vigilant about unusual activity concerning their personal information.

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