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Please see below for a statement on the Data Security Incident. People who are concerned or have questions are directed to our questions and answers page, if you have further questions please email jobs@dpac.tas.gov.au.

17 July 2018

From 17 July 2018, the jobs website has reconnected to the PageUp system for online applications.

The Tasmanian State Service recently responded to a data breach at PageUp, an external service provider we use for recruitment processes.

The original threat to the PageUp system has now been removed and no further related security issues have been identified on the PageUp system.  PageUp has also advised that further security measures have been implemented to guard against a similar incident in the future and the system is safe to use.

More information about the data security incident is available at PageUp.

15 June 2018

The Jobs website is up and running...

We have restarted job advertising again at www.jobs.tas.gov.au.

This is an interim solution that has been rigorously tested and meets our security requirements.

Thanks for your patience while we have been getting this interim site up and running.

6 June 2018

Data Security Incident

The Tasmanian Government has suspended use of this website because of a data security incident experienced by PageUp, the system used to manage online applications. This means that we are not currently advertising any positions and accepting any job applications.

PageUp has not yet been able to confirm whether any data related to the Government’s use of the system has been compromised. But as the protection of personal information is our top priority, we will not use the system until we are confident it is secure.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Please see the questions and answers page for more information about the incident, including how we are responding and what you need to do. We will keep adding new information as we receive updates from PageUp.

You can also email us your questions: jobs@dpac.tas.gov.au.

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