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Routine disclosures

The Tasmanian Government is extending its routine disclosure of information, with a focus on increasing the release of key Government service-related data and other information of regular interest to the public.

This page provides a gateway to information routinely released by Government departments to improve ease of access to the public.

Departments routinely provide information via their websites on:

  • annual reports;
  • organisational structures and functions;
  • departmental governance policies;
  • major policy, programs, initiatives and reviews;
  • employment and workforce statistics;
  • senior executive service details;
  • telecommunication and mobile device expenditure;
  • contracts and consultancies awarded that are greater than $50,000;
  • employee gifts, benefits and hospitality register; and
  • right to information disclosures.

* Some of this information for the Department of Communities Tasmania is currently co-located on the Department of Health and Department of Premier and Cabinet websites.

In addition, Departments routinely provide information specific to their areas to the public via their websites.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet publishes Ministerial and Parliamentary support information routinely in April and October each year. This information includes:

  • Ministerial and electorate office staff employee and salary details;
  • Chiefs of Staff Tasmanian Government Card expenses;
  • Ministerial fleet cars, taxi services expenses and associated costs;
  • Minister’s travel and entertainment expenses; and
  • Ministerial and electorate office refurbishment/fit-out expenses.

The following table is a summary of the information that is currently routinely provided, however it is not a complete list. For further information, visit the website of the relevant Department via the link provided on this Government Information Gateway webpage.

Departmental Information Summary



Department of State Growth

  • Taxi and hire vehicle statistics, including licences and members of Taxi Subsidy Program
  • Roads projects
  • Trade mission information
  • Memoranda of understanding

Department of Health

  • HealthStats dashboard, including data on hospital activity, the emergency department, elective surgery, outpatients, ambulances, mental health, breast cancer screening and oral health

Department of Communities Tasmania

  • Human services dashboard, including data on children and youth, housing and disability

Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management

  • Tasmania Police Manual
  • Crime statistics

Department of Treasury and Finance

  • Economic data releases for Tasmania
  • Financial reports, including revised estimates reports and the Treasurer's annual financial reports
  • First Home Owner Grant - builder boost statistics
  • Liquor industry data including LISTmap of licenced liquor premises
  • Property and procurement data including:
    • Contracts with confidentiality provisions
    • Disclosure of non-procurement contracts over $2 million
    • Future procurement opportunities schedule (Infrastructure)
    • Overall Government procurement statistics
    • Major Government office accommodation leases
  • Tasmanian Government tenders

Department of Premier and Cabinet

  • Ministerial and Parliamentary Support information
    • Ministerial and electorate office staff salary details
    • Chiefs-of-Staff Tasmanian Government Card expenses
    • Ministerial fleet cars and Ministerial taxi services expenses
    • Ministers’ travel and entertainment expenses
    • Ministerial and electorate office refurbishment/fit-out expenses
    • Register of Members’ interests for the House of Assembly and Legislative Council
    • Premier’s Discretionary Fund list
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet information
    • State Servant suspensions as a result of allegations of child sexual abuse  *New*
    • Expenditure on telecommunications and mobile devices
    • Number of investigations concluded by the Local Government Division
    • Service Tasmania statistics including:
      • distinct services and transactions provided over the counter
      • calls answered by the Government Contact Centre
      • online interactions
      • applications received for Personal Information Cards
    • Gifts, benefits and hospitality register
    • Tasmanian Greenhouse Gas Accounts Report
    • List of official visits to Tasmania
    • List of Government contracts containing confidentiality provisions
    • List of non-procurement contracts over $2 million

Department of Justice

  • Report on Government Services Data
  • Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service data
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages same sex marriage statistics
  • Consumer, Business and Occupational Services information including:
    • Number of consumer enquiries and complaints
    • Rental Bond data
    • Working with Vulnerable People registrations
    • Accredited Building Practitioners, Trade Licensing
    • Electrical, Plumbing, Gas Fitting, Trade Licensees (Occupational Licensing Dataset)
  • Court statistics:
    • Case lodgements for Criminal and Miscellaneous applications - Magistrates Court
    • Case lodgements for Criminal and Miscellaneous applications - Supreme Court
  • Corrections statistics:
    • Number of community based orders
    • Number of prisoners (including gender)

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

  • Biosecurity Tasmania
    • Public Information Notices on Biosecurity Issues
    • Veterinary Board of Tasmania annual report and bi-annual newsletters
    • Release of rabbit calicivirus distribution data
  • Natural and Cultural Heritage
    • Nature conservation reports
    • Tasmanian Heritage Council annual report
    • Wildlife spotlight summary report
    • Tasmanian Heritage Register data *New*
  • Office of Racing Integrity
    • Racing stewards reports
    • Notice of disqualifications, warned off and forfeits/defaulters List
    • List of any Current Inquires and completed inquiries and outcomes
    • Current lists of Thoroughbred bleeders and suspensions
    • List of thoroughbred bleeders and suspensions *New*
  • Parks and Wildlife Service
    • Visitor Research and Statistics
    • Management Plans, Site Plans and Other Publications
    • State of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Areas reporting
    • Crown land for sale
  • Environment Protection Authority Tasmania (EPA)
    • Information on the air quality monitoring activities, stations and data collected by EPA
    • EPA Annual Report and newsletters
    • Management of Planned Burning & Annual smoke complaint reports
    • Real Time Air Quality Data for Tasmania
    • Environmental assessments, regulation and compliance - Annual Statistics *New*
  • Agriculture and Water
    • Agricultural Facts and Figures
    • Wildlife management - wildlife exports annual reports and quota reports
    • Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TDIA) Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements
    • Field mapped land capability maps
    • Industrial hemp and poppy hectares and licences
    • Number of active crop protection permits
    • Reports and data on Tasmania’s freshwater resources
    • Groundwater information
    • State of Rivers Report
    • Environmental Flow Assessments Reports
  • Marine Resources
    • Recreational Sea Fishing Seasons
    • Sea Fishing Area Restrictions
    • Commercial sea fishing statistics
    • Regulatory data for the main finfish producers *New*
  • Land Tasmania
    • The LIST
    • Land Titles Office dealings
    • Valuer-General Office property data
    • Location services – property sales, tenure, digital cadastre
  • Inland Fisheries
    • Inland Fisheries Service Trout Stocking Database
    • Inland Fisheries Fishery Performance Assessment reports
    • Inland Fisheries Quarterly reports to anglers

Department of Education

  • Tasmanian state performance data, including Early Years Literacy and Numeracy, NAPLAN and TCE attainment
  • Government school-level information, including funding, enrolments, and attendance
  • Government system-level information, including workforce, class sizes, student enrolment numbers, attendance, suspensions, and satisfaction measures
  • School-level enrolments, NAPLAN results, attendance, finances, VET in schools and Senior Secondary information
  • System-level and School-level TCE attainment and Direct Continuation from Year 10
  • Report on Government Services Data - Child care, education and training

Links to Government Departments’ routine disclosure webpages