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Government Information Gateway - Routine Disclosures

The Tasmanian Government is extending its routine disclosure of information, with a focus on increasing the release of key Government service-related data and other information of regular interest to the public.

This page provides a gateway to information routinely released by Government departments to improve ease of access to the public.

All Government Departments routinely provide information to the public via their websites. Departmental information routinely provided includes:

  • organisational structures and functions;
  • departmental governance policies;
  • major policy, programs, initiatives and reviews;
  • employment and workforce statistics;
  • senior executive service details;
  • telecommunication and mobile device expenditure; and
  • contracts and consultancies awarded that are greater than $50,000.

In addition, Ministerial and Parliamentary support information is routinely disclosed on DPAC’s website in April and October each year. This information includes:

  • Ministerial and electorate office staff employee and salary details;
  • Chiefs of Staff Tasmanian Government Card expenses;
  • Ministerial fleet cars, taxi services expenses and associated costs;
  • Minister’s travel and entertainment expenses; and
  • Ministerial and electorate office refurbishment/fit-out expenses.

New departmental information to be routinely released now includes:



  • LISTmap of licenced liquor premises.
  • Procurement data around contracts to Tasmanian businesses.



  • Land Titles Office information including dealings lodged (such as transfers, caveats, priority notices, mortgages), number of titles on the register, etc.
  • Valuer-General’s Office information including number and total value of properties on the Valuation Roll and, number of valuations recently completed.
  • Location Services information including number of place names gazetted, confirmed property sales and land tenure (hectares).
  • Number of crop protection permits issued.
  • Number of active licences to grow and hectares sown for industrial hemp and poppies.



  • Number of members of Taxi Subsidy Program.
  • Number of taxi licences in Tasmania.

There will be more information released by the Government via this website in October 2018.

Links to Government Departments’ routine disclosure webpages:


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Premier and Cabinet

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