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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Planned Framework actions and activities

The State Service Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2017-2020 (the Framework) lists three action areas which the Tasmanian State Service (TSS) will focus on. Within these action areas there are more specific strategies. The Action Areas and strategies identified in the Framework are as follows:

Action Area 1: Building an inclusive and diverse workforce


  • Support more inclusive recruitment practices
  • Support to access TSS recruitment opportunities
  • Review approaches and strategies to support TSS workforce participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disability and/or mental illness, young people, LGBTI people, people with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, older workers, carers, and women.

Action Area 2: Supporting our employees


  • Support more inclusive employment practices / workplaces
  • Develop and implement a Reasonable Adjustment Policy template for TSS agencies
  • Support awareness of unconscious bias / inclusive leadership
  • Promote awareness of workforce flexibility
  • Promote diversity/inclusion indicators being incorporated into senior leader’s performance management
  • Improve diversity data collection
  • Support awareness of the impact of family violence and the supports offered to employees

Action Area 3: Working together to create change


  • Establish and maintain relationships with community sector stakeholders
  • Establish and maintain an across-agency Workforce Diversity Network
  • Establish structured consultation mechanisms between community sector and TSS

Other activities

As well as the three Action Areas, diversity and inclusion will be included in TSS workforce management activities as part of ‘business as usual’. There will also be a strong focus on connecting TSS diversity and inclusion work to other related Tasmanian Government priorities.

There are also a number of established TSS activities related to diversity and inclusion.