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Graduate program for people with disabilities

Government employees

What is it?

The Graduate Program for People with Disabilities is a commitment from the State Government to increase the diversity of the Tasmanian State Service by providing supported career/employment pathways for graduates with a disability.

The Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commissioner has granted an exemption in accordance with Section 57 of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 for the conduct of this program.

What is a suitable vacancy?

Just like any other graduate vacancy, graduate vacancies for people with a disability can cover a wide range of skill sets, such as policy, finance, research, or analyst roles. It is preferred that vacancies are offered on a permanent (full or part-time) basis; however fixed-term vacancies with a minimum two-year period may also be suitable. Cadet vacancies may also be considered.

Identified vacancies can be advertised under a whole-of-State Service banner as they arise, and applicants will be expected to undergo a merit-based selection process.

Who is eligible?

A person will be eligible to participate in the program if they meet the definition of 'disability'’ as set out in the Disability Services Act 1992, which covers people with intellectual, psychiatric, sensory or physical impairments, as well as individuals with cognitive impairments who fall within the equivalent Commonwealth legislation.

Persons who have a disability and have been assessed by Centrelink as requiring specialist employment assistance, and have been referred to any approved Disability Employment Services provider will also be eligible to participate in the program.

Is there support?

As an employer, the State Service provides all employees with a workplace assessment and adjustment to meet their individual requirements, as well as training and development opportunities through participation in programs provided by the Tasmanian Training Consortium. Additional development and network support opportunities for Graduates may include rotation or placement arrangements within the employing Agency, and be dependent on the individual and the Agency'’s work requirements.

More information

General information regarding Employment of People with a Disability is available from Vacancies will be advertised on as they become available and enquiries should be directed to the nominated Vacancy Contact Officer.

Information for Government Agencies

Government Agencies interested in finding out more about the Graduate Program for People with Disabilities should contact the State Service Management Office on 03 6232 7040 or email

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