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Public Sector Wage Negotiations

Industrial Agreement Negotiation Process

Following a constructive period of negotiations, agreement has been reached with unions in relation to a number of industrial agreements.  The Lead Negotiator led process has concluded, and where agreements are still being negotiated, they are being progressed by the relevant agency, supported by the State Service Management Office.

Registered Agreements

The Teachers Agreement 2019 and the TasTAFE Teaching Staff Agreement 2019 have both been registered with the Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TIC) and are in effect.

Copies of these agreements are available on the TIC website here.

Agreement Reached

The following agreements have been finalised and are being drafted in collaboration with unions, with a view to being registered by the TIC during February and March 2020:

  • Legal Practitioners Agreement 2019
  • Ministerial Drivers Agreement 2019
  • Allied Health Professionals Agreement 2019
  • Radiation Therapists Agreement 2019
  • Educational Facility Attendants 2019
  • Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2019
  • Nurses and Midwives Agreement 2019
  • Ambulance Tasmania Agreement 2019
  • AWU Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2019
  • Dental Officers Agreement 2019

Agreements Being Negotiated

The following are still being negotiated in good faith with unions:

  • Engineers Agreement
  • Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority Agreement
  • Correctional Officers Agreement
  • Fire Fighters Agreement
  • AWU Bushfire Suppression Agreement
  • Rural Medical Practitioners Agreement
  • Salaried Medical Practitioners Agreement
  • Visiting Medical Practitioners Agreement

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