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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Policy Practitioners

TTC’s offers 3 workshops in this important area.

Policy: the basics

Public policy, both developing and implementing, is a key function of the public service. We are all impacted by policy in some way so it is important that we have a basic understanding of the policy process and how it relates to our role. This workshop provides an overview of the policy process, explores what policy is, how it is formed and will help put your role into a social and political context.

Whether you are involved in the delivery of a service, ensuring compliance, protecting the environment, attracting tourists, encouraging development or providing an education—you are implementing a government policy. This is a distinguishing difference between the public and private sectors and yet is often overlooked as we focus on our day-to-day tasks, priorities and deadlines.

This 1-day workshop is idea for those new to the public sector, anyone wanting to better understand policy formulation and implementation or anyone interested in a career in policy.

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Managing Policy

A unique function of public administration is the development and implementation of public policy. In this practical and engaging program you will explore the challenges and opportunities associated with developing good public policy.

This professional development program is suitable for public sector managers and practitioners at all levels who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in the development, implementation and evaluation of public policy.

The program is definitely not just for people working in Policy units or with the word ‘Policy’ in their job title! Public sector employees who are involved in policy work in any way will benefit substantially from this experience.

Delivered by Dr Randal Stewart, a policy scientist with an extensive background in public policy, public affairs and strategic planning, the program is designed to ‘de-mystify’ the subject of policy and to provide you with the skills to formulate and advise policy in a public service context. It has been developed specifically to increase participants’ policy knowledge and skills, fill information gaps, raise awareness of what policy is and the many factors which shape it— and importantly, improve the quality of policy advice to Government.

There is a strong Tasmanian orientation with presentations from a range of high level practitioners and academics with expertise in policy development. It is aimed at a practical level with an emphasis on how the system of government really works and actual issues currently facing Tasmania.

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Diploma of Government (Policy Development)

PSP51404 Diploma of Government (Policy Development) is a nationally recognised qualification which will equip you to face future professional and practical policy analysis challenges.

You will learn the policy skills to manage your organisation’s response to political change and to target the research required to deliver evidence-based decision making. You will develop the ability to clearly communicate with stakeholders on strategic policy direction and ensure that policy decisions are based on professional, evidence-based policy advice.

This specialised program is scheduled on demand. For further information please contact Andrew Street at TTC on 62327033 or email