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HR/IR Practitioners

HR Practitioners

The Training Consortium offers two programs specifically for HR Professionals.

  • Human Resources Capability Training Program; and
  • Industrial Relations Capability Training Program 

Human Resources (HR) Capability Framework & Program

The Tasmanian State Service HR Capability Framework provides structure to build the capabilities, skills and knowledge of Human Resource professionals and well as people with people management and supervisory responsibilities.

The Framework was specifically designed for the Tasmanian State Service and was accredited by the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI). The seven capabilities are designed to meet the objectives of a high performing, capable and competent HR workforce in the Tasmanian State Service, delivering quality people services

Understanding HR capabilities?

A capability according to the Oxford Dictionary is the quality of being capable; capacity for. A capability is an underlying characteristic of a person which results in effective or superior performance on the job. Capabilities can encompass physical, mental and emotional abilities, knowledge, attitudes and behaviours.

A capability has also been defined as: an integration of knowledge, skills, personal qualities and understanding used appropriately and effectively – not just in familiar and highly focused specialist contexts but in response to new and changing circumstances (Stephensen, 1998).

Please click on this link to access an overview of the Framework: HR Capability Framework.

The following link provides further detail of the Framework: HR Capability Framework brochure.

To better understand the HR Capability structure please click on this link: HR Capability Structure.

To assist individuals (and sections) in career and development plans, please click on this link: Planning Pathways.

The HR Capability Program

TTC's HR Capability Program brings together a series of unique learning and development opportunities that address many of the core knowledge and skill requirements for people working in the HR area. This Program consists of a series of six workshops that are highly relevant to HR practitioners in all organisations. They draw on HR case studies, systems and practices from a broad range of organisations. The program also supports the Tasmanian State Service HR Capability Framework.

This Program will be of particular benefit to anyone new to HR and HR practitioners in all HR areas, particularly those in operational or frontline roles from band 3 to band 6 (or equivalent classification levels).

Please note however, that you do not need to work in an HR role to participate in the Program. Workshops may also be of interest to those with people management or supervisory roles. Participation will provide you with excellent networking opportunities and a chance to share information and experiences with others in similar roles.

You can sign up for the whole program, or just the workshops that suit your immediate development needs. The 6 workshops are:

  • Communication and HR
  • Introduction to HR and the Law
  • Professional HR in Practice
  • Achieving Effective HR Outcomes
  • Enhancing your HR Practices and Skills
  • Advanced HR Practices and Skills


"I found the HR Capability Development Program to be extremely beneficial. Guest speakers and networking with other state services employees were a highlight. I thought Garth was a fantastic facilitator and I would recommend the program to anyone who was interested in improving their HR skills and knowledge."

"My position is 'Office Manager' and although not fully HR, I found the HR Capability program to be very beneficial as the majority of my time is working with individuals in a HR capacity. The networking from this program was truly beneficial and I gained a great deal of knowledge from this end as well. This program offered clarity around many issues and an opportunity to share information and ask questions. For those individuals not working specifically in HR, I would recommend this program because no matter what position we work in, we all work with people and need HR skills at all levels."

"I've worked in Human Resources for many years and I thoroughly enjoyed the HR Capability Development Program. The program enabled me to build upon my HR skills and knowledge and it was terrific being able to network and share ideas and experiences with other HR colleagues. Garth is a wonderful facilitator with a vast amount of knowledge who made me feel as though my contributions were always important and worthwhile. I have no hesitation in recommending this program."

"The HR Capability program provides the opportunity to discuss HR issues with peers but also experienced senior HR practitioners and this allows the participants to contemplate how and why we do things. I found the mix of presenters and activities really beneficial and feel that the course has helped me improve the way I work. On reflection I would recommend the course to all HR practitioners."

View information on the next program

Industrial Relations (IR) Capability

The IR Capability program has been developed to support HR Practitioners with workplace relations responsibilities to enhance skills and knowledge in this critical area. 

The IR Capability Training Program

The program is practically focused with strong theoretical foundations. This program provides a supportive learning environment to assist participants to more effectively undertake their role and operate towards an expert practitioner level.

It is comprised of four 1-day workshops scheduled over a five month period. A two month "practical application" period between workshops three and four provides an opportunity for the participants to undertake a range of individual and team-based activities to apply and consolidate their learnings and build strong networks.  Participants who attend all workshops and successfully complete all set tasks will graduate from the program and receive a certificate of completion. 

Workshop facilitation will be undertaken by Page Seager Lawyers, led by experienced practitioners David Dilger and Rod Collinson.

Who will benefit most

HR practitioners with responsibilities for:

  • Industrial relations
  • Workplace disputes
  • Performance management
  • Co-ordination of investigations – workers' compensation, Code of Conduct
  • HR practitioners with a strong interest in moving their careers into this more specialised area

Key content areas

  • Legislative Framework and Policies/Tribunals
  • The Employment Relationship/Terms and Conditions
  • Advocacy and Case Preparation before a Tribunal
  • Performance Management/Investigating Grievances

The second workshop is scheduled to commence Wednesday, 30 October 2013!

Full program details, including information on content, workshop dates and a link to the on-line registration form is available on the program flyer.The price for the program is $2,300 (GST exclusive). TTC will be coordinating the program arrangements for us.

Mercer CED Job Evaluation

This intensive 2-day workshop is run by TTC on demand. It is designed to provide people involved in applying job evaluation in their workplace with:

  • a sound knowledge of job evaluation
  • an understanding of how job evaluation fits into the broader human resource management context
  • practical skills in the application of the Mercer CED Job Evaluation System

Please note: to be eligible to participate in this training your organisation must be an authorised user of and currently using the Mercer CED Job Evaluation system If interested in Job Evaluation training, please contact Andrew Street at TTC on 6232 7033 or email

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