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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Manager Essentials Program

Whole of Service Manager Essentials Program

The Manager Essentials Program is a high quality, contemporary manager program that develops the fundamental and essential management capabilities of all State Service Managers.

Manager Essentials Program incorporates a series of stand-alone active learning modules delivered as individual development workshops – aimed at front-line, mid-level managers or senior managers across the Tasmanian State Service.  The learning modules provide managers with skills and tools to equip them to better manage.

In response to the demand for more effective and efficient service delivery, the State Service is focused on improving performance and productivity. Ethical conduct, good governance, workforce management and workforce planning are all integral to achieving high performance across the sector, and ultimately safeguarding ongoing delivery of high quality services to the Tasmanian community.

Manager Essentials Program empowers managers at all levels to make good decisions and manage effectively to positively impact the performance of their team, their agency within the State Service.

How the program works

Each learning module begins with a getting started guide. The getting started guides incorporate a series of self-directed learning activities and could include pre-reading materials; tasks and online information. This is followed by a face-to-face workshop allowing participants to explore the challenges in more details. Applying the learning will be through a management challenge inquiry. The learning module ends with an on-the-job learning guide which contains resources/tools and development options to help embed the learning long term.

What are the learning modules?

Participants can choose to complete one or all of the stand-alone learning modules. The option of completing all enables participants to obtain essential management skills required for management roles across the broader State Service.

Module 1 - Understanding self and developing others: the reflective mindset
Module 2 - Understanding government
Module 3 - Creating a positive work environment
Module 4 - Managing people

Who is the program for?

The program is aimed at new managers as well as experienced managers wanting to refresh their knowledge and skills.

How much time does the course require?

The four active learning modules are delivered over 7 months and focused around four intensive 1 day workshops. The program  involves commitment and focus from participants. It will require participants to engage with the learning activities and materials with up to 2-3 hours per week of study required.

Program Outcomes

The program will:

  • enhance the State Service core management capabilities, so that the Service is well positioned to meet its current and future requirements;
  • provide a consistent approach and understanding to management practices and responsibilities;
  • provide an integrated learning pathway and prepare managers (frontline, middle and senior) for future management roles;
  • equip State Service Managers to manage, support and develop people and lead their team;
  • offer good value for money, and provide for credible and knowledgeable program facilitators;
  • have a compelling and well-defined learning approach that meet participants and government management skills requirements with excellence; and
  • be a unique Tasmanian context program for managers from across all agencies and authorities.

Pilot Program commencing in 2017

A pilot program is commencing on 25 May 2017 and is targeting current managers who have management and supervisory responsibility. The pilot program has 27 highly motivated people who are currently existing managers drawn from every single agency and authority. The target group for the pilot program are mid-level managers at Bands 6, 7 and 8 and also includes three equivalent level health professionals. The participants currently have a range of responsibilities and accountabilities for the full range of management functions (managing people, budgets, resources)  including having direct reports.

25 May - 1/2 Day Induction Program
15 June - Module 1 - Understanding self and developing others: the reflective mindset
10 August - Module 2 - Understanding Government
19 October - Module 3 - Creating a Positive Work Environment
7 December - Module 4 - Managing People

Need further information?

For more information, please contact The Training Consortium on 6232 7511 or email