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ANZSOG events conducted in Tasmania

ANZSOG Applied Learning Events 

In 2017, the State Service Management Office in partnership with ANZSOG and The Training Consortium will host four Applied Learning events in Tasmania. The details of the planned events are as follows:

Events 2017

Teaching Faculty


Wednesday 5 April

Dr Liam Smith, BehaviourWorks, Monash University

Changing Behaviour

This seminar is designed to bring fresh knowledge and practical insights to the age-old public sector dilemma of getting people and organisations to behave as government would like them to (or stop doing things they shouldn’t).

Against the background of the growing interest in behavioural insights, or ‘nudge’, as a new tool in government’s tool kit, Dr Smith will cover the most common behaviour change mistakes. Drawing on lessons learned through numerous projects across Australia, he will provide an overview of how he and his colleagues have developed behaviour change interventions to both avoid these mistakes and develop evidence-informed behaviour change approaches.  A series of practical steps will be presented, including some useful tools for developing future behaviour change interventions in Tasmania.

25 July

Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg, Monash University

Regulation and public policy: new ways of thinking about the challenges of government

Like government itself, regulation is a key tool for creating public value.

It encompasses not just laws and regulations but also the vast array of government actions that affect the daily lives of Tasmanians - from food and water safety to the quality of hospitals, and from the funding of not-for-profit organisations to the distribution of government subsidies and benefits.

This presentation will provide a high level overview of some of the most important issues in regulation:  what regulation means, why is it is an integral part of the work of government, what are the contradictory pressures for more or less regulation and some creative ways of using the wide range of regulatory tools to deal with our daily challenges.

September date TBC

Dr Zina O’Leary

The Art of Persuasion

However important evidence and analytics are to good government in Tasmania, marshalling the best possible research and data and putting it all down on paper is rarely sufficient to achieve the improved outcomes sought by public managers.

Given that government is a collective endeavour, public managers need to be able to persuadeothers to come along with them, including senior decision makers, their colleagues, their stakeholders and ultimately the citizens.  To do that, officials need to tell a compelling story which is both authentic and resonates with the particular audience(s) at which it is directed.

These are not skills which necessarily come naturally to public servants. This presentation will help us understand that these are skills which can and should be learned and give the audience some helpful places to start.

Wednesday 1 November

Christine Nixon

Resilience: surviving and thriving in turbulent times

This presentation focuses on the capacity to stay resilient through frustration, conflict and constant change - something all public managers need, wherever they work and at whatever level.

The highly engaging Christine Nixon will take her audience along the journey of her ground breaking career, demonstrating her willingness to share her hard-won knowledge of both do’s and don’ts with grace, humour and generosity.

For more details about the event and to register, please check The Training Consortium website.