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Department of Premier and Cabinet

About The Training Consortium

The Training Consortium (TTC) operates within the State Service Management Office and provides a co-ordinated approach to training, education and development needs for the Tasmanian State Service and its other member organisations from the Australian Public Service and local government, private sector business members, University of Tasmania and government business enterprises.

This unique Tasmanian collaboration, which initiates and supports quality learning and development, has been operating since 1996. TTC brokers training and development services on the basis that organisations working together will be able to offer a broader and more effectively coordinated range of training and development products at a more affordable rate.

TTC provides a wide range of services to member organisations, including:

  • Delivering quality, cost effective learning and development programs
  • Providing training consultancy assistance and advice
  • Supporting a diversity of learning experiences
  • Building important networks across member organisations
  • Managing in-house events

TTC operates on a full cost recovery basis with all operating expenses covered by course fees.

Most TTC events are also available to employees of non-member organisations and the general public.

For more information on courses and calendar events click here.