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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Workforce Planning

The State Service manages its workforce to ensure that services are provided to meet the current and future needs of the Tasmanian community.

The State Service Management Office’s Business Plan 2012-13 identifies Workforce Planning as a priority in order to increase our ability to attract, retain and build a skilled workforce. Since 2008 the State Service Management has prepared a whole-of-service Workforce Profile to increase awareness about critical workforce matters including ageing, diversity and to inform decision-making at Agency and at a whole-of-service level.

A Workforce Planning Network was established and with Agency participation the key elements of a Workforce Planning Model were discussed and developed in order for Agencies to undertake effective Workforce Planning activities.  A review of Workforce Planning across Agencies and other public sector jurisdictions has been undertaken to in order to identify barriers, challenges and benefits as organisations implement workforce planning.

The State Service Management Office is currently developing a revised workforce planning model that will be provided to support Agencies and to increase the level of engagement and practice of workforce planning.

View the Tasmanian State Service Workforce Profile 2012 information sheet PDF icon (PDF, 103KB)