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Aurora Energy Bill Pay

What is Aurora Energy bill pay?

Aurora Energy bill pay allows State Service employees to make advance payments on their Aurora Energy electricity account by nominating an amount to be deducted directly from their pay each pay period and credited to their Aurora Energy account (minimum deduction of $15.00 per pay period).

Who can participate?

All State Service employees are able to take advantage of this straightforward and convenient way to make regular payments to their Aurora Energy account.

When are these payroll arrangements able to commence?

The Aurora Energy bill pay arrangements will be available from the first full pay period on or after 16 June 2004.

How can I start an Aurora deduction?

You can commence an Aurora Energy payroll deduction by completing a payroll deduction authority within your Agency. This authority must include the nominated amount to be deducted each pay period and specify the Aurora energy account number. A payroll deduction authority can be obtained from the Human Resource area in your agency.

The completed deduction authority should be returned to your Human Resource area. The authorised deduction arrangement will be processed and commence as soon as practicable.

What are the advantages?

The advantages of this service include:

  • Receiving a reduced Aurora Energy bill to pay each quarter. The Aurora Energy statement will detail each payment made and any remaining balance due.
  • A convenient bill paying method.
  • Aurora Energy quarterly statements that show a State Service/Agency authorised payroll deduction option will receive a discount of 5c per day for the statement period, which would be an approximate saving of $4.50 each quarter.

What happens if I take unpaid leave?

In the event you take any form of unpaid leave you must contact your Human Resource area. The deduction from your salary will cease for the period of unpaid leave.

What if I move to another State Service Agency?

In the event you move to another agency your salary deductions will continue on the same terms as you originally requested unless otherwise specified.

How can I change my deduction arrangements?

Payroll deductions may be stopped or altered at any time by written advice to your Human Resource area, with the change taking place from the next available pay period.

Where can I get more information?

If you would like more information about the Aurora Energy bill pay facility please contact your Human Resource area.

Further Information

State Service Management Office
Phone: 03 6232 7040