Jenny Gale, Head of the State Service, message to all staff

COVIDSafe App (27 Apr 2020)

To: All Tasmanian State Servants

Dear Colleagues

The COVIDSafe App – helping to keep you and your family safe

As you may be aware, over the weekend the Federal Government launched the COVIDSafe App, a new tool that, along with testing and social distancing measures, will assist in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVIDSafe App is a public health initiative that uses mobile phone technology to automate and improve the contact tracing that state and territory officials are already doing manually.


I understand that some people may be concerned about the storage of private information associated with the use of the COVIDSafe App. A lot of work has gone into measures to ensure that your personal information cannot be used for any purpose other than to limit the spread of this disease. Importantly, unlike other Applications you may have on your phone, the COVIDSafe App does not track your location. The data that it collects can also only be used with your permission.

I encourage you to read the information about the data that is collected, how it will be used and where it is stored at

I strongly encourage everyone to visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the COVIDSafe App and register your details; it is voluntary and it is free. Please find attached a staff infosheet that provides detail on how the App works as well as further information on privacy and security matters.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, so far we have minimised the spread of the virus in our State. By working together we can further enhance our ability to respond quickly and effectively which will ultimately enable us to reduce restrictions when it is safe to do so.

Best wishes, and stay safe

Jenny Gale Signature block
Jenny Gale
Head of the State Service
Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet
27 Apr 2020